questionsshould i ditch my old kindle fire for a new…


If it is in your budget, by all means upgrade. I would HIGHLY recommend getting away from the Fire. There is nothing the Fire can do that something like the Nexus7 cannot, but the reverse is not true. You can access all of your Amazon content from the N7, but you you cannot access all of the Google content on the Fire (without rooting). I have always found that owning the Fire is a compromise.


Personally, I'd prefer the non-Amazon offerings if I was to buy something new, because I have a lot of apps in Google and I don't want to spend the time rooting a kindle.

However, unless you feel your Kindle Fire is lacking some kind of feature (thinner/lighter, battery life, fancier screen, 3g/4g interwebs), you're just going to be spending money for a relatively small overall upgrade. There's not much resale value on the old Fire - it's trading in at $58 on Amazon right now - but it could make a nice gift to a parent or offspring, so there's that.

My philosophy is if you're happy enough with what you've got, wait till you're not anymore and there'll be something even better/cheaper than what's available today.


Can the Nexus - or can other non-Kindle tablets - access free Amazon streaming video for Amazon Prime Members? I thought only the Kindle Fire and the Ipads could do that, has Amazon now enabled that for most Android tablets? My preferred would be a Fire for Smz streaming video, and if I missed the rest of the Android world, then get a second jelly bean tablet. (Like gadgets here)


@f00l: Good point... I haven't tried it on my android phone, but according to my googling, there are only Amazon Instant Video apps for Kindle and Apple. So if streaming from Amazon is a priority, you'd have to choose one of those.


I would wait....there will always be something better "next year".