questionsdoes anyone else feel the "sponsored deals" areā€¦


Most, if not all of them are things that I wouldn't consider buying.


And I have absolutely no faith in the companies being reputable. I tried to buy a USB battery pack, and never got it. They charged me, never shipped the item, and refused to respond to anything. After a while, they deleted my account from the site, so I couldn't even log in to check the order status (they never gave tracking codes, just had a status indicator on their site). Another person I talked to who also bought it eventually did get his, but only after a month of hounding the people. This has been like 3 months out for me, never heard anything back. I ended up filing a charge back with my bank.


I am in agreement that the voting tabs added to my interest. I used to check out, read, and vote on the sponsored deals every day. No more. I don't even look at them most of the time. They are definately crappier now.


The moving of the voting is one thing, but the deals hold little to no interest anymore. They are just plain boring.


I think it is a combination of the loss of voting and quality deals.
Seems that "deals" ( and I am using that term loosely ) that are offered, are mostly from obscure website. A little too sketchy for me. What happened to the big name sponsored posts, like JCP ?
The voting up front and center , at least made me look. When there were some decent deals that combo was good.

Perhaps those who paid to have their deals sponsored didn't like the down votes. I would think that would make them rethink what they were offering though.


Absolutely agree. At least with the voting you could visually get drawn to a deal over another, but that was at least where at least 1 of the deals were worth looking at. Now, these barely feel like deals at all from a mixed bag of reputable and sketchy players.