questionsselling a wii & all the acoutrement - need input!


You'd probably get the most money on Craigslist. Smaller audience than eBay, but it is the holidays and more people are looking for stuff like that.



I don't know about that... I usually go to Craigslist when I need a new vic... er, when I'm looking for stuff at rock bottom prices. Yeah, that's it. No other reason.

I guess Craigslist wouldn't hurt (it is free, after all).

But seriously, given the OP's description, I'm almost interested (though I'm not sure that light blue is all that cool, but then I can use spray paint as well as the next guy).


@baqui63: I've learned people look on Craigslist for all sorts of reasons. I just sold a set of tires that I posted for more money than they were worth expecting to haggle. Guy showed up and paid me with no questions asked. Moral is; nothing ventured, nothing gained and don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Plus there's something to be said for the tangible aspect of being able to see something like that before buying and the immediate gratification of taking it home right then and there. If it doesn't sell, then list it on eBay and let them take 10%-15% of the sale.

All that being said, I sell most stuff on eBay and only use Craigslist for the cumbersome items I don't feel like packaging. Also, be careful where and how you do business so as not to run in to the Craigslist Killer.


I've done ok on craigslist up until trying to sell my Wii. Since you can buy a brand new one for under $150, my 1 year old one with accessories would've maybe, maybe, gone for $100. And for that, I figure I'd may as well keep it.
But craigslist is good for a lot, I bought wheels & tires on there, it was a good deal and the seller went out of his way to make sure the deal was legit, I paid him a few bucks extra out of appreciation (he helped me install all 4 and test drive them before promising to buy).
It's not all booty calls and bartering....