questionsdid you see the us ambassador to libya was…


@dmaz: Thanks grammar nazi god forbid!

I see you left out that they were until this year costsing $100 a grenade, do you really think rebels wait until they need something to buy it? No they stockpile. At $100 a grenade all they need to do is sell some opium and call it a day.

Even at $500 a pop it's still cheap for the amount of damage they do, guns and ammo are cheap but don't do as much damage as 1 well placed RPG. Most of the rebels are using money they get from selling drugs which brings in a lot of money so it's just a small drop in the bucket.


@wootfast: "Look at these beautiful people."

Thanks for the link. The misspellings make the signs even more touching.

Last year I obsessively listened to and watched BBC's gripping coverage of the Libyan civil conflict. I was overwhelmed by the incredible courage of embattled civilians taking up arms against a brutal, entrenched dictator. I was proud of the American/NATO role in helping them achieve their goal. Chris Stevens was a friend and ally of the Libyan rebels and their fledgling democracy. The attack on the embassy does not represent the Libyan people, just as neither the Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones nor the provocative anti-Islam video represent Americans.

The Arab Spring brought new tensions as well as new freedoms to the Mideast. I believe in democracy, so I am hopeful about the changes. Increased political uncertainties make thoughtful diplomacy ever more necessary. RIP Chris Stevens; as Hilary Clinton said, we need more like him.


@zapp brannigan: not "rebels" ser....terrorists. Call a spade a spade.