questionshow long will the "anniversary special" pricing…


The only thing says, "limited time only," so I wouldn't count on it being around for more than a day or two. Unless say, @agingdragqueen or @thunderthighs knows an expiration date.


Joel has been saying "long enough" which I know is ambiguous and I'm sorry. We're going to start pushing it on Monday though and with it will come a daily limit (kinda like what we had at launch last year) so I'm not sure if it's better for you to just go ahead and buy now- but it might be if you're looking for gifts. I think in general we'll give a good warning when time's almost up.


@agingdragqueen: thank you, that is what I was figuring. We were needing to order some ugly sweaters shirts for our office party. I was hoping to see what the new one will look like, however there are a couple of good ones that we can use that I will probably just go ahead and order.