questionswho's your favorite musician/band?


Cage the Elephant. Love their first album. It's rock from a band that started out an hour's drive from where I live, so they have a special place in my heart. Also, if you have good enough memory to remember the commercial for Borderlands, their song "Ain't no Rest for the Wicked" was its theme.


I honestly could go on and on and on about music. I'd like to better gauge my recommendations based on your listening patterns but here are some great albums that I consider to be near perfection (AND easily accessible):

Creeping Weeds - See Through
Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica
Elliott Smith - XO
Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Lync - These Are not Fall Colors
Red Stars Theory - Life In a Bubble can be Beautiful
Radical Face - Ghost
Yuck - Yuck
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Beatles - Sgt Peppers
Antlers - Hospice you'll need this Only listen in completion.
Eels - Electroshock Blues
Wilco - Summerteeth or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover (great concept album)
764-HERO - Get here and Stay
Shins - Oh Inverted world
Pinback - Summer In Abadon
Carissa's Wierd - Songs About Leaving
Slint - Spiderland

Just pick any two of those, They're all grand slam albums


Here are some Amazing albums that aren't as easy to get into but they might grow on you.

Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West
Elliott Smith - Self Titled
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes
Daniel Johnston - Songs of Pain
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted
Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary ("I'll believe in anything" is the Ultimate love song)
Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth
Neil Young - Harvest or Harvest Moon or Freedom!
Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Interpol - Antics
Year of the Rabbit - Self Titled
Brain Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Red House Painters - Ocean Beach
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea
Fugazi - 13 songs
Klaus Nomi - Simple Man
The Bird and The Bee - Self Titled
Man Man (entire discography in this order) Life Fantastic, Six Demon Bag, Rabbit Habits, Man in the blue turban)
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Mimicking Birds - Self titled
Pixies - Doolittle or bossanova
Running out of room>:C


@cowboydann: wow. i didn't expect to know half of anyone's list, but i only recognized two of yours (beetles & beachboys) and only because my brother used to listen to them. truthfully i only recognized those names-not really the albums. ya, i have old taste in music, but thought (wrongly) that i had atleast heard of a lot of others.


Dave Grohl. The man is a music god and seems like one of the coolest people ever. If I could ever hang with one rockstar ti would be him. Foo Fighters are my favorite band.

@captainsuperdawg: I LOVE that band. Hearing that song in the game made me start listening to them.
Seen them twice. Once right after their first album at a side stage. Amazing! Again this past May after their second album. Another amazing show.
Here's a video I took from the last show