questionswhat desk toys or gadgets do you like?


I like (and have)the Woot monkeys and two sets of Buckyballs.

Saw this on Woot, it was at the toy fair one of the writers went to:

And not really a toy, unless you doodle on it, but handy for paperless offices:


@faughtey: That mini fireplace would be perfect in my Barbie Dream House!



and golf balls (son works at a golf course and brings me all the funky ones), kids meals toys that a co-worker gave me, fact-or-crap calendar from last year, a gizmo that lights up when I receive email, and the list goes on and on. I guess it is a good thing that I am a technician who works on a bench with lots of shelves for my manuals and toys!


Andre the Giant (well, a six inch action figure) watches over my desk all day. I've got a couple sets of Woot-off lights, several Woot Monkeys, a slinky that has become a pen holder, and about forty various products of kids' arts and crafts projects.

When I worked in a place other than my basement I always had Nerf guns handy for self defense, and I had a rather large collection of Pez dispensers - they're in a box somewhere now.


One word: Slinky.

Edit: And a USB powered missile launcher.


On my desk is an 18 inch talking Ash figure from Army of Darkness. Hanging from the end of his boomstick is a keychain woot monkey. Next to Ash's legs are 7 inch versions of Ash, Evil Ash, & the Pit Witch. Also there are a couple Mighty Muggs (black costume Spider-Man & Wolverine) 2 pairs of woot lights & a tiny brass Darth Vader. My desk is kinda cluttered with awesome.


I have those perpetual motion balls (set of 6 balls on strings that bounce back and forth). They're fun


I currently have:
-9 Woot Monkeys
-Leakfrog (no batteries)
-USB missile launcher
-Super Mario action figure
-Speed Racer Mach 5 1/24 Die-Cast Car
-Yoda & Darth Vader bobbleheads
-Envirascape desk fountain

I do work too :)


How could I have forgotten?

woot lights and TMNT (Mikey and Leo)


I have my Verilux happy lamp, a couple frog-shaped things, zombies, and Tiger Balm. I'm not sure what that says about me, exactly.

Smart Putty from ThinkGeek is pretty fun, too.


There's a 1' ledge on the front of my desk that's mostly useless. I work in an unorthodox office that encourages our insanity. That should explain the following pics: Desk 1: 2: 3: 4: Wall:

Though not a toy, I'm a huge fan of the Mug Boss & the wire globe that spins (probably the nicest item on my desk). The HELP button is a rude/funny version of the EASY button. Calendar: 365 Office Time Wasters. The USB Missile Launcher is always a good time. 2 sets of Woot lights, of course. The gargoyle, golden dragon & black elephant are Target dollar section wins. Superman, Gingy (from Shrek) & the mini bucket are from the Box of Offal. Simpsons set from office holiday gift/crap exchange. Scissor lift, drinky bird & golf set are definite favorites. Duckies on the wall are now St. Patty's Day. Trophy from Box of Offal too.

Can you find all 3 Woot monkeys?


(sorry for the dbl post - out of characters)

@faughtey: totally digging on that fireplace thing. might have to get me one of those. adds to wishlist

@thefenst: +7 for the bobble heads

almost forgot the baby slinky (also from the Box of Offal) that sits next to my keyboard. i play with it when i'm trying to work a problem out. and when i want to.


I have a no toys really, I have a R2-D2 mug with an IBM mini basket ball in the opening. Pen holder picture frame wife got me from woot, a mini pallet of post-it notes(I really need the mini forklift for my post-its) I also would like a desktop bouncer (if only he knew how to fire missles) To keep people from dropping things on my desk with out notes.
edit We keep woot off lights on a rack that we plug in when we upgrade hardware


Woot monkey
Mr Bill and Popeye figures
Viagra clock
Ball and cup (unbelievable the amount of fun this is. Just bounce the ball into the cup off of walls and other things. Put tape at the bottom of the cup to hold it down.)


This is going to be a long, long list (I really love toys). I have at least a dozen various walky feet toys, including a yellow smiley face, a pink alligator that walks like a real alligator does (left front, right rear, then right front, left rear), an owl, two camels... I know that's not the right name for this type of small windup toy, but we called them that at work for so long that it's the only name I know.

I have two Jabbas; one has a head that screws off so that you can add gross gunk, and fake flies, and then surprise people when they pick it up, as he barfs at random. The other one is similar to a largish beanie baby, but made out of some Naugahyde-like material. They were both gifts from my daughter, and I love them. I have a two foot tall Energizer Bunny, with sandals, and a drum, and several small ones. I have Statler and Waldorf (and they sit up high, on a perch, just like the Muppet Show).



[more] I have multiple working Leakfrogs, but I have one that was a gift, and he sits right next to the Cisco router, in a place of honor. I used to have a fairly complete collection of monkeys, but I pulled off all their capes, and gave the monkeys away. I gave most of them away to a line of people at the post office. That was a good time. The albino ones, and the giant ones, went to a neighbor's grandchildren, and a couple of friends. The capes all went to another friend.

I have all sorts of small toys from various vendors, from platypus to giraffe, from sheep to lion.

I have a bunch of things with blinky lights, including a small USB mouse that I've used for laptops (it changes colors, and I really love it).

That's a partial list, but I'm quitting for now.


I got the gold and black Buckyballs for Christmas and really like them. I just have to be very aware of their placement in relation to my computer and phone since they are powerful magnets.

I currently have one completed cube (apparently a challenging shape to make) with ball alternating between black and gold. The problem now is that I don't want to mess that one up to play with it.


I like drawing pictures of Woot monkeys! This is Max and he's going up in my cubicle on Monday.

Also i have Lego Characters in stadium seating,
Lots of snacks,
Hoberman sphere,
Kermit the Frog plush,
Dexter's Lab bobblehead,
Wootoff lights.


Bucky Balls, silver and the rainbow colored set that I found from Deals.woot on Amazon.

Depending who is in the office my woot monkey may take a spin or two around the corridor.


You all work in fun places. I worked in an office that allowed nothing of a personal nature, not even family photos. The PWTB thought it would keep everyone'attention strictly on the work at hand. I think it just encouraged more chit-chatting to alleviate the tensions and bland outlook.