questionswhat do you do with all of the candy?!?!?


Candy smoothies. None of that banana-based crap.


Another vote for work. I saw some interesting recipes on msn a few days ago but I'm too lazy to look them up. :)


Getting rid of it at work tomorrow.


I take it to work and share with my co-workers.


I send mine to Afghanistan or the local Fisher House.


For the popular Mars/M&M company candies (choosing only ones with orange, yellow, brown wrappers without any halloween logo), I take fall colored tissue paper (about 3 layers of different color cut into approx 12" x 12"), pile some candy in the middle, tie it up with fall colored ribbon then give out around Thanksgiving for various "thank you's" (i.e. babysitter, swim coach, bus driver, mailman, UPS guy, etc). I'll include a hand signed "Thank you" tag on it.


I have given it to our local food pantry. I know that it is not a healthy food, but I figure that maybe someone can use it in a Christmas stocking or as a treat for birthdays, etc. There is also a collection for our Troops:

if you want to have it sent on to them.


After it's all been picked over at home, I take it to work. Nothing stays in the kitchen at work for more than a day, I swear they are vultures.


The wife gave all ours away so I'll never know.


I'd eat almost all of it, and what I really don't like I pass on to my mom, or take to my job and let the customers eat.

I always hand out stuff I like to eat anyway, so it's never an issue, and with no kids, no pillow-case full of candy!

Then, I'm even more horrible and I buy it at 1/2 or 75% off after Halloween, but then I only have to buy what I like :)

Anyway, tags for posterity: