questionswhy do we have a brown triangle instead of blue?


Why is it always color with you?

Woot doesn't answer to anyone's preconceived notion of appropriate color schemes. I mean, have you seen those bedspreads & socks they've been selling lately? Woot. It's unpredictably different, and marches to the beat of a really messed up drummer.


@lavikinga: Its more than just color, this is about following a pattern, except not following it completely. Have you noticed the varied woot sites colors? They follow the spectrum but not including violet. I don't get it...


They have the ugly brown as an incentive to move on to the next level. If they offered a blue triangle (or square), no one leave it. Therefore, there would be a lot fewer sales and very little happening here at deals.woot.

Oh, wait a minute. It's already that way now!. My bad.


@barnabee: Purchases on deals.woot have no effect on the color of your triangle (or square)


@mlutz3: Well dang it, I messed up my answer. I was in a hurry to try and stop the cat from puking up on the carpet (didn't work),

I meant to say, "there would be a lot fewer sales at Woot! and very little happening here at deals.woot."


@mlutz3: Ummmmmm......your purchases do affect the color of your square. In a way they affect your triangle as well because it will stay white until you make a purchase.


@jsimsace: I'm going to assume that you misread my comment, because my statement is not incorrect. Your purchases on deals.woot have absolutely no effect on the color of your square or triangle. Every other woot site purchase made counts toward the color of your square.

Kinda disappointed I didn't get a more meaningful response than "because Woot! is different and does whatever they want".


Are you just mad because you're stuck with a brown square?

If you're hoping for a logical, insightful answer from woot staff that goes beyond, "We through darts at colored post it notes and that's how/why." You will be very disappointed.


@thumperchick: Not mad, and I'm not "stuck" with it. If it was a problem for me I'd make more orders through woot. I'm not one to complain and I'm not complaining. I thought my question was legit, I pretty thoroughly explained my point. No one else cares apparently. I'm ok with that, though. No big deal. Now, I may not have been happy when someone misread my post, but I'm over that.

I seriously don't believe that no one saw the brown icons and thought "That color doesn't fit in with the rest".


@thumperchick: Actually, I'll address the last thing you said. If "We through darts at colored post it notes and that's how/why." was the actual reason and that was said, I would have been perfectly fine with that. The question was posted for chatting purposes anyway. The only form of disappointment to be had is that it seems no one cares about the points I made.


@mlutz3: My first comment was a joke. You're taking this very seriously and I don't understand why.

*through = threw. I hate when I do that.