questionsis the pop up on deals.woot from…


I haven't seen anything like that. On the other hand, I run Adblock Plus, so I don't see ads at all.

The link you copied doesn't go anywhere. Should it have been "dot-com" instead of "dot-co" ? I checked out the dot-com address, and it looks like an ad for a web-research company or some such.

It doesn't look like something that Woot would generate. Perhaps you should write customer support and maybe rerun your security tools?


I am at work so i get the corp fire wall but i have not it a popup here @ DDW.


I was getting the same thing too for a while. I got fed up with it, uninstalled firefox and the added it again. I believe it has something to do with an add-on but not certain.


I have never had that happen. I'm willing you bet it's not woot that's causing it.


Ok, I think it's safe to say it's bogus. I'm just going to close out of it and run some scans. Thanks for the help.


We do not allow third-party pop-ups on our site so it's coming from another source. Check your add-ons in your browser. You'll likely find something there. Next place to check is Add/Remove Programs.


As I said earlier, I've never seen this. However, I just tested the survey on the link you provided, which says it is NOT affiliated with Woot in any way. The country code "co" is Columbia, by the way. Time for me to run a virus check of my own now [grumble grumble].