questionsas far as posting deals, is the 80/20 rule in…


I post stuff because I enjoy it. If people want to use the deals here without contributing their own deals, that's fine with me - I'm sure I 'mooch' off of other sites so it all evens out.


So, are the white triangles the "middle management" in this scenario? None of them have asked me to file a TPS report while they go on a 3 hour lunch, but yes I think you may be on to something.

Also, I agree with what tsfisch said entirely.

Also also, I think I may be in the 80% atm...I haven't found anything good for days.


-> Is the 80/20 rule in effect here?

Absolutely not. There's no way that 20% of the visitors are that active.

The Pareto rule to which you're referring applies more to situations where participation is mandatory to be considered a part of the sample set.

e.g. "80% of our sales comes from 20% of our customers"

So 100% (the 80 plus the 20) are buying from you.

Instead, look up the 1% rule.

The upshot: On a website (like this one), the VAST majority of visitors are "lurkers" who never post at all.

But I don't think it's appropriate to say that the lurkers are not doing their "fair share". It is to be expected that the vast majority of visitors won't be commenting, much less posting new deals.

In our scenario, I'd bet that a lot of those lurkers go on to purchase the linked deals, thereby making Woot more money, thereby making it profitable for Woot to keep operating Deals.Woot.


@anotherhiggins: And don't forget about the ad impressions and sponsored deals ...


I feel like its more the black and purple triangles that do 90% of the work. While you do see a white or green triangle post meaningful things every day, they aren't hitting the grind like we are every morning, scouring the net for deals, taking time to answer questions in a thoughtful way, or even just taking time to meaningfully upvote and comment on deals.


If you go by the triangle stats, 20% of the people do 100% of the work, since 79.8% have white triangles.