questionswant an easier way to keep track of woot's deals…


EDIT: nvm. Nice site. At first glance I like the UI!


Stuck on loading screen. I turned off AB+ and NoScript, still nothing. Should I refresh or let it go?

edit: Nothing happens when I click the links. About, Settings, Feedback...nada.


@rprebel: Odd, what browser and browser version are you using? Sounds like Javascript isn't enabled. What does the Status say in the top right? It should load up right away the first time, but definitely try refreshing.


@whcodered: Firefox 19 on a Mac

edit: status says Initializing


@whcodered: Same as @rprebel (who seems to have broken it) here. Using Chrome.

"Loading all of Woot's deals..."

"Status: Initializing..."

BUT....Thanks!!!! I know it will be awesome soon.

UPDATE! I clicked on HUH? and it loaded.


Very weird! I just installed Firefox on my MacBook and it's working fine. Chrome as well. Can you guys tell me if this link works?

It should load up some code gibberish, but whether you guys can see it at all will help me narrow it down. If you guys and anyone else who can't load the site would like to help me troubleshoot it and get it working, I'd really appreciate it if you could email me at Seems like it's working for some, but not for others.


hey my EDIT on my post was because at first it did not load but then it did so I edited it. I'm using latest version of Chrome. After about a minute and a refresh it went through. Not sure what would cause the delay though


@whcodered: May just be a coincidence, but when nothing would make it load for me, I paused AdBlock and refreshed the page. It immediately loaded, and now even with AdBlock turned back on it is showing up fine.

But then I tried it in an Incognito window (which doesn't have AdBlock) and it won't open there for me.


@whcodered Like @morriea it was stuck loading but when I clicke HUH? it suddenly worked
(I'm on chrome 25.0.1364.97)
Cool site!


@gionot: Thanks! I was able to reproduce the problem in Incognito mode and it turns out it was a silly issue with cookies. My script would error out if cookies weren't set. I sure feel dumb about that one. Everyone refresh, it should work now!


quite nice, rather handy. the display has just enough detail to catch any interest.

on latest Firefox looks fine.

my only complaint would be to resize the boxes to fill out to the size of the browser window, if i hit CTRL+ that does it (you know, size matters when you get older and want to see things), but i'd rather it be BIG from the gitgo.

oh, why not DEALS.WOOT...? sure would be nice to see all those offerings (like on popular flow) in one big long list of boxes...


Question: if not affiliated with woot, why do I get affiliate tracking cookies?


@lichme: I guess 'affiliated' isn't the right word. I am a Woot Minion, but the site has no official connection and is not a part of Woot. I'll make that clearer.


Still not loading here. It does load in Chrome, and it looks pretty cool.


@whcodered: Came back to say I'd finally gotten it to load in Incognito, only to see it was because you'd fixed the problem.

Site looks like an interesting alternative, but once again it just points up the fact that there are far too many Woot "deals" at any one time. Scrolling, scrolling, eyes just start to glaze.


i never use IE but when i did, it didn't render the heading labels properly - figures...

also, please put an option in so that the woot plus deals section is automatically opened or not - it's a hassle to have to go down and hit the link every time i open the page so i can see everything.

very good webpage and all, i can see this could replace my cycling through every page and every sub-page of the 9 or 10 woot pages. let's hope woot doesn't get a wild hair about missing advertising possibilities.



@jxliv7: Thanks so much for all your input so far! Size was something I messed around with quite a bit, though I can see how it could be a bit on the small side, especially with larger monitors. Your zoom setting will stick even if you close out and check the site again, so you shouldn't have to mess with it once you have it sized to your liking.

Tracking deals.woot is definitely something I want to do. It's something I decided to skip for initial release, but yes, Bag of Woot will eventually track deals.woot as well.

The site should be fully compatible with IE 9 and 10. Older than that and there will be some issues, mostly visual.

Automatically loading the plus deals is a great suggestion and should be on the site within a day or so! It'll be a setting you can toggle. Thanks!


(cont.) Yes, there are quite a lot of plus deals to look through. Keep in mind that the newest plus deals are on top, so when you check the site tomorrow, you only need to look until you see deals you recognize. I've been thinking about other ways to sort and display the plus deals since there are so many of them, but this should do for now.

@rprebel: Sounds like you still have the old script cached on Firefox. You may need to do a hard refresh- Control+F5 on Windows and Command+Shift+R on Mac. I'll change the site to not require you to do this when the site updates in the future. Glad you like it!

Everyone else: Thanks for your feedback so far! Keep in mind that the site will really shine during a Woot-off. There's not much to show for how fast Bag of Woot is right now since, well, there's nothing new going on right now.

Also, the site will react to the size of your browser. So during a Woot-off you could have a Woot sidebar like so:


hmmm, how useful is this tracker now that BOCs are, essentially, history? i'll wait to try it until all of the bugs have been worked out...


@gojets3: Admittedly, the tracker is a little less exciting because Woot doesn't seem to do BOCs anymore. (AutoBOC functionality is still there, just in case!) However, it's still very useful during woot-offs, and it took until testing of the site for me to realize just how often an item is added to moofi, which are added at random times in the middle of the day. Plus, it's a convenient one-stop-shop for all of your Woot deals.

About the bugs, there really shouldn't be any! Yes, there was the issue with it loading at first, but the actual site has been in testing for a while and there haven't been any issues.


@whcodered: Is a favicon on your to-do list?


@gionot: Yes indeed! Just uploaded the favicon. Thanks!

In a similar vein, the site is also ready to be added as a webapp on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. Android devices should be able to play as well, though I haven't tested it just yet. Add it to your homescreen and it acts just like an app!


Awesome site! Just switched my Woot bookmark to BoW. Thanks!


Looks pretty good on Firefox 15.01 without the annoying box ad on the right column!


it has to be said: interesting that the woot-chat lurker comes up with an almost identical woot watcher to the one @lichme made months ago.

compare for yourselves people. this is an obvious copy of the original.

(let the downvoting begin)


Agreed. Interesting this guy lurks in deals.woot chat all day, never saying a word, where Lich talks often about his wootstalker website and then comes up with his own, similar looking, identically featured, woot tracking website.


@meh3884: It's always easier to steal other peoples ideas then create original work. If you lurk and seize on suggestions users make for wootstalker you can make come up with a decent website without ever needing an original thought. I would like to make comments on the suggestions he stole, but Bag of Woot wont even load...guess it just save me some time as there is no need to look at a clone when the original stalker works outstanding.


Actually, no. I don't want to keep track of all the deals on Woot.

Thanks tho.

j5 j5

To those criticizing the "copying" of Wootstalker: I'm not sure I see the similarities besides the little woot site "tag" on the top right of the item picture. I'm sure none of you will believe me, seeing how I'm the new guy and you guys all like @lichme (and rightfully so, he's done a lot for the community!), but that was a design feature I actually came up with on the original Bag of Woot site (which you can now see at That first version was only given to friends, family, and a few on IRC during its early stages. I know there is no way to date and prove this, but there it is.

Other than that, the very essence of how BoW works is different than WootStalker: push websockets vs. automatic refreshing ajax, which is a fairly huge under-the-hood difference. The site looks quite different in layout otherwise, and other features (like auto-boc, sound notifications) have been in virtually every Woot tracker that has existed.


@raider9924: The biggest reason why the site wouldn't load is if you have javascript disabled, via your browser settings or because you have something like NoScript installed. Javascript is needed for the realtime information streaming that BoW provides. Please let me know if javascript isn't the problem. I'd love to hear what you have to say about the site.


"Similar looking"? In what universe?


@whcodered: As I told you directly in DWC, usually I am very helpful and try to help out with this stuff. However, as far as I am concerned this entire situation stinks so am just going to stay out of it. I wish you had handled this better and then there would have been less questions/problems with how this situation has played out.