questionsi rent my condo in one state and work/live in…


Are you saying you live in one state and work in another? Or you own a condo and rent it to someone else?

Based on the first assumption, you pay taxes based on your residence so your basic form should be enough. Many people I know live in CA and work in NV. They rent a PO Box in NV and use NV as the resident state on IRS forms because NV does not have a state income tax.


Yeah that is more than enough. Where you work and live won't matter. Your federal and state income tax is based on where you claim your residence, not where you work.


I would ask this question to a CPA and not some people on a deals site that you have no clue about. But that's just me.


Income is taxed where it is earned. Live in one state, work in another, you will pay taxes on those wages in the state that you work. You can try and pull a scammy little bit like @ocheri was describing, but states are so hard up for revenue the last few years that they have increased their residency audits and become very efficient in performing them. Additionally, your W-2 will/should indicate the state that the income was earned in, so for most states, you aren't getting far trying to pull something. Business income, maybe you have a better shot, but not wages.


Oh, as far as the software, anything will do. I'd always recommend the advice and services of a CPA (we are cheaper than you might think, a lot of the times), however. PM me if you'd like some tips on finding the right CPA for you.


I became an accidental landlord in 2011, and here is what I decided:

It is smarter and easier in the beginning to get a CPA to take care of this for you. You don't know what you don't know. It is very easy to miss important deductions or claim deduction to which you are not entitled. The rules regarding rental properties are very contorted, and it is easy to run afoul of state and/or federal authorities.

After a few years you can switch to doing the taxes via Turbo Tax or whatever: just copy what your CPA did.