questionsdo you ask for donations for your birthday?


I have a number of friends who have asked for money for charities for their birthdays, weddings and such. Usually if they're having a party the invite will mention something about not wanting gifts but trying to raise money for a charity. Other friends have Amazon wishlists and have added charity donation items onto their list (does make for some interesting comments from people who don't quite get why someone wants a cow for their wedding. :) ). And some other friends have just made it known through just casual conversations and over the course of life that they like getting charity donations for presents.

I don't think it makes you a jerk if you can figure out how to word the request so that it doesn't come off like you're asking for present/donations.


I think it's a kind and excellent idea. Usually you would put the following phrase on the invitation:

*In lieu of gifts, please celebrate my birthday by making a donation to the Society for the Preservation of Hollyhocks."

You would then provide a web site link, and a mailing address. This is not even uncommon. I send you a virtual hug for this thoughtfulness.


[Edit] As a nice example, here's some cards for a wedding.


Yes. To my checking account. I'm a college student, so I need all the monies I can get.


Some time ago, I did. I told people a few local charities which I'd be happy if they wrote a check to on my behalf. A few people did. At some point, I decided I liked getting gifts so stopped asking people do that.


I've never done it myself but some people can make it work for them.


obama is asking people to donate to his campaign instead of giving gifts when they attend a wedding or birthday. According to his people, it's a lot more significant gift than a gravy bowl. I guess Michelle doesn't let him eat gravy any more...

I see it as a way to get out of having to spend anything on a gift. SURE.... I donated on your behalf...