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Any transaction that seems like a scam probably is. It doesn't matter if it's with cash, Paypal, credit card, or any other payment service, if the transaction is online, there is always a chance of getting scammed.


I bet if you agreed you would find that the credit card used to make the purchase was stolen. Don't be tempted with this, it is a scam.


It sounds like they're planning on sending the Paypal payment, getting you to send close to $200 cash with the camera, then disputing the payment with Paypal or something. I'd reply "Those terms aren't acceptable to me. My terms of payment are as specified in the listing, which you agreed to by bidding." Either they're legit and they'll accept that, or they're scammers, and you can try to hammer them for backing out of the deal.


"I don't use Paypal but I thought the whole point of them was to make those sorts of casual transactions safer."

Any system can be used to scam if people are gullible/greedy/insane enough to participate in such an offer.

A key is made to lock your door, but people will steal your stuff if you hand them the key. That simple.


This sounds like a variant of the currently popular "mystery shopper" and "work at home" scams which generally involve paying the mark with a money order that's much larger than the payment due and asking the poor sap to deposit the money orders and send the extra money back to the sender. These are never legitimate opportunities and always result in loss -- often significant amounts -- to the trusting recipient, since the money orders invariably turn out to be forged.

(I talked a while ago to a credit union member who lost nearly $4000 in such a scam. I'm aware of others who've lost even more.)

Back away from the transaction and the seller. Don't even bother discussing it further. The poster above who said the credit card is probably stolen is on the right track. Whatever the mechanism is, you're not going to like the outcome.


Sounds like a scam. Is the buyer from Nigeria?


I've had offers like that, never take them. Ever


It is absolutely a scam.

Specifically, it is one of two things.
A stolen paypal account, or a paypal account that has been created with a stolen credit card.

Paypal's buyer protection gets weaker when you move away from ebay or online stores. Walk away from the deal or you will be out the money and your camera.

Whether its online or in real life, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


I would never trust a request like that. Craigslist has tons of them if u post something and so does amazon marketplace be ver wary and always stick with the cash


Wow! I had this happen on an item I was selling on eBay. They wanted me to ship it to a 2nd location in a different country for lots of extra money. OR I could just send it the normal way to the US and they would pay normal price. I did not take the extra cash and told them sorry but you would have to ship that outside the country yourself. They still bought the item. I am not sure it was a scam, but I am chicken.


I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Nigerian princess but I emailed back "Sorry - no paypal, no shipping" and didn't hear back from him so I'm guessing he/she has moved on to someone else. I had one email each for two items and both seemed to be scammers. What has the world come to? : )

I'm disappointed but I would be really unhappy if I got cheated out of the item and cash. I guess it might have been a stolen card or paypal identity. Thanks for your help!

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I just graduated as a Criminal Justice major and the Paypal scams are fairly easy. The scammer only has to obtain an original email from Paypal, from there they can copy the whole email and edit it in a new email. They will change 1 or 2 numbers in the transaction ID as well as the names, dates, items, charge amount, etc. After counterfeiting the Paypal email, they will send it to the email that you told them was associated with your Paypal. The main thing with this scam is that it looks legit, the only real difference would be a statement on the email similar to this "Payment in process and will be deposited upon confirmation of shipment". All links on the email that should and originally would lead to Paypal, indeed still lead to the real Paypal website.


Apparently this is a very popular scam. I have gotten 4 or 5 variations of the 'paying too much on Paypal' theme on the three items I listed. I sold the Kindle to an actual live buyer -- 1 down, two to go!

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