questionswhat do you do with your bottom arm when you're…


Since this is the internet and you can't physically see me, let me just tell you that I don't cuddle. Ever.


Depends if you are the big spoon, or the little spoon. I generally put my arm under the pillow/neck of the other person


I tend to put it under my girlfriend's pillow or sometimes under her head and around her shoulder. I've heard this arm referred to as the "awkward arm" and it fits.


I usually either lay my arm in between us (usually gets uncomfortable) or now I use the pillow technique. I slide my arm under my husband's pillow which buffers it from the direct pressure of his head/neck and it doesn't fall asleep. I find this very comfortable, but my husband gets hot in his sleep so he doesn't like it as much because I wind up basically clinging to him. He often props his arm up behind us and up in the air which leads to randomly touching my head - I DON'T like that.
I love this question! I hope you get a lot of responses.


I don't know about normal people, but for geeks this has been solved by SCIENCE!


@samstag: Don't invite the guys over for a tournament!


Prevent your lower arm from going to sleep by moving it around a lot...if you know what I mean.


Like others, I tend to put my arm under the pillow of my wife. Some times, I'll put it sort of by her arm pit if she has her arms out in front of her. But if she rolls back at all, it really hurts.

It still falls asleep, normally, but it's better than smashing it between you and her.


Spooning often leads to forking.


I tend to wriggle. Pillowing, crunched between, smooshed under, swap, repeat. I get uncomfortable in any one position for too long. I really like curling up to my furnace. The furnace is not as pleased when he thinks it is warm and I don't!


If you're the guy, you can put it where her waist is, or where her neck is. Those are the natural least-pressure points.


I fold it into my thorax. fyunch(click)