questionsdo cartoon chronology issues bother you?


too many cartoons ..... I never really thought about that though...


You can keep the animations coming but I would try suspending reality whilst doing so.

I thought this was going to be a question about "showing cartoons in chronological order" then being mad that the networks scramble them all up. I do not enjoy that one when the show is a two-parter.


I don't really mind it, in fact, some cartoons (Simpsons and Family Guy) re-write their own history.


No, because they are CARTOONS....


I've always noticed. It's interesting that the Simpson's have had stages of progression, especially in the early years. But it has its own rules, there just aren't many. It bothers me more when a show breaks its own rules.

But what really bothers me are multiple recreations of origin stories for comic book heroes. Especially when none of them are true to the comic.


I have to agree with @tarasadies on this one.


Actually, that's one of the reasons I like 'For Better or For Worse' so much. The characters and their parents age.


As much as I would like to see Bart's antics as a teenager and see if Lisa tuns into a lesbian in college, I like them always having a clean slate every episode.

Some shows actually had character development. Transformers had Daniel Whitwicky grow up through the series. He was a kid in the start of the and was a man in the movie which was set 20 years later.
His dad was in the series also. Spike who also grew up during the series.


Not really. I like the consistency of the kids always being the same age. What bugs me (and my kids) is that no one gets 104 days of summer vacation, sorry Phineas & Ferb! It's more like 74. :P