questionswhy do rules apply to ebay but not amazon?


How is Amazon "technically" the same? Amazon doesn't have feedback (I don't count reviews as feedback, since they address the product not the seller) and doesn't deal with number of items available.

Can you be specific about the ways Amazon and eBay are the same? And what would then make any sales-oriented website different?


@magic cave: I'm with you on this. They aren't the same at all. I mean Amazon does have it's sort of marketplace, but I'm not sure that's what the OP is referring to.

The only time I equate them in my eyes is when I see a "less than [x amount] in stock" on the Amazon page. And even then I only post it when they have the "more ordered and on the way" notifier.


The idea is that folks can't post a deal to promote their own auctions. If you are a vendor selling items through eBay that's cool, but don't use deals.woot! to advertise a one-off item auction. If someone is selling a single item through Amazon Marketplace and it's a one-off deal then tattle on it as such.

At least, that's my interpretation of the various "all told" messages.


@magic cave: They are "technically" the same because there are deals listed here that are not sold by Amazon.

An example is from 5 months ago -

Or just 2 days ago, where I posted a DVD that was from an independent seller.

These two example sellers do have feedback. Sure their feedback (not reviews) are good, but that doesn't mean everyone deal posted like this is. Not to mention there is no way to tell if they have at least 10 items in stock (Legend of Zelda, most likely not).


continued.... (sorry I didn't fully answer your 2nd part).
"What would make any sales-oriented website different." I don't know, but doesn't it seem kinda harsh to punish eBay for letting people know?

Ebay's layout compares to the two examples I listed there, simply with this filtered search - (no I'm not advertising my product there)
Is considered the same ball park. They're all buy it now, no actions, I'm sure some have good feedback. The item quality per listing shouldn't matter because there's 92 results there. And so, I continue to wonder....

Sorry if this seems like I'm personally attacking you. I'm not. I'm just trying to answer your concerns/questions that I didn't explain in my original question.


@duckcake: I see "Only X left in stock order soon!" on Amazon all the time. I've always assumed the same rules apply and don't post if it's less than 10


@duckcake: Thank you for the expanded information, and no, I didn't feel personally attacked at all.

I do, however, continue to disagree with you that eBay and Amazon are similar, especially in terms of application of rules.


@magic cave: Ok, so you still believe they are completely different. Can you please expand, or give details on how they are different with the criteria I have provided here? Because I must be missing something other than the auctions. Thank you.


@duckcake: @Jumbowoot explained it to me in great detail. We went round in circles about it. The gist of it was that ebay deals MUST be from an established company (being a B&M was helpful) and a retailer more or less. If I made bird houses hand over fist & sold them on ebay, you couldn't post them as deals.
However, if I sold my bird houses to Joe Schmuckatelli who marked them up a few bucks and opened "Schmuckatelli's Bird House Emporium," deals from HIS huge chain of birdhouse stores would be allowed. Seemed like crazy logic to me, but he said they had a responsibility to at least attempt to keep the community safe from being ripped off. I think that was the same reasoning behind not allowing etsy deals.
My feeling is, if you make 100 geegaws or whatever , you have a decent rep with ebay or etsy, and are selling your own wares, you're just as much a business person as Schmuckatelli. And perhaps offering a better deal because there's no middleman.


@lavikinga: Thank you. I'm not sure if it was your intention but you kinda proved my point even more. Eddy Gramilorintony can't list his deals from ebay here, but if he put it on Amazon, he can. Or that's how it seems. Because again, those two examples (too lazy to find more, really) are not sold from "stores" or reputable dealers.


@duckcake: The ONLY other option I can imagine is perhaps Amazon has a seller vetting process unseen to us.

I'm curious to the reasons behind the down voting of this question. Is a question asking for an explanation on why Deals has certain rules in place any different than the weirder ones that have made it to popular? Or @Duckcake: have you been ticking people off again? ;)


@lavikinga: :O I've been a goooooood little duckling.... I think :\
My guess of why it's downvoted is because it's about eBay. Not too many people like eBay in general, or their deals. Or just don't like me :D

I'm still not too sure about the Amazon thing though. I would play the "Woot is Amazon" card but this rule has been in here longer than that. :\


@duckcake: Yeah, except Woot is more like that black-sheep-of-the-family Uncle that the adults all shut up about when the kids walk into the room. So, you know, he's part of the family but we don't let the kids & neighbors know about it.