questionsis cloud tv coming soon?


What is the difference between "cloud TV" and on demand TV? Seems to me it has been around for years...
One possible difference is that you can't transfer on demand shows to other devices??
I don't think I really understand the big deal with "cloud." It just seems to be a new buzz word for what has been going on for years anyway.


@benyust2: "Cloud" is what happens when marketing people catch on.

I'm sure it happened when someone sent the marketing department one of those old-style visio network diagrams and they asked
"What's this cloud?"
"Oh that's just the internet"
"Hey that's a great idea!"


that is not cloud tv. that is on demand. cloud tv from what i understand is basically full TV on your computer,laptop iPhone if your computer was the box. On demand is a joke. they post stuff a day - one week later, and do not offer full lineups. i want norma tv on my computer without a sling box = that is cloud tv


cloud tv? you mean netflix and hulu plus?


on demand is part of your providers package. if cloud tv were a reality, you would be able to use just your internet to watch all the things you currently watch, without paying a cable or satellite company. it would be available on any network enabled device (assuming your device supported video playback). right now you can watch tons of stuff online but we dont have true "cloud tv" yet. ideally you would open one website, or one app, and have all the channels at your fingertips and could intantly watch old episode or andy griffith, and then switch over to watch live sports or news.


@crycis805: cant watch live on those. imagine combining netflix with your current tv setup. meaning you can watch pretty much anything live or prerecorded on a whim. you could still get everything you watch on netflix, but you would also be able to watch live tv without paying satellite or cable fees. thats the big benefit, is not having to pay ridiculously high prices for a bunch of channels you never watch, to a company that has no competition and can currently charge you whatever they want. even if you dont want cloud tv, you'll benefit because the cable/satellite companies will lose their monopoly, causing prices to drop