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Batter heads are what you hit. You should have one batter head and one resonant head per drum. Batter head on top, resonant on bottom.

More here:

I've never played a drum with batter heads on both ends, so I don't know what it would do to the sound. I think it would muffle it, since batter heads are thicker.


@rprebel: Right, I know that. But for whatever reason, my toms have batter heads on both the top and bottom. I'm trying to figure out if I absolutely need to replace the bottom heads with resonant, or if I'm okay having a batter there.

The set was obviously bought used, but if it's not going to make a big difference having a batter on each end, I'll just wait til I wear out the heads.


@thedogma: If it sounds good, then that's all that matters. Found this. In short, you're fine.


@rprebel: Awesome, thank you!

I'll probably just put it off til one or both sides wear out.

It's odd, it's on all three toms. Might have been a factory choice/ blip? Shall have to investigate further, but I'm glad it doesn't make all that much of a difference


No problemo. Also, I just remembered a drum that a) has batters on both sides and b) I've played before. Bass drum in a marching band. So, it isn't unheard of to use batters on both ends. Knock yourself out.