questionsonline price errors are making a lot of wooters…


can you give an example of a price error? link please?


Mistakes happen. Most online retailers have verbiage in their terms and conditions that they are not responsible for fulfilling orders that were the result of a price mistake., for example, has the following language in its terms and conditions:

"While strives to provide accurate pricing information, pricing or typographical errors may occur. cannot confirm the price of an item until after you order. In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing, shall have the right, at's sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item."

While some companies may fulfill orders with price mistakes for marketing or customer satisfaction reasons (such as did, see here:, doing so can be quite costly, especially if there are a large number of orders to consider.

I am all for getting a good deal, but price mistakes are generally just that--mistakes.


I think that the companies should honor the prices that their website states. It is one thing if they mistakenly accept one more order then number available for something and have to cancel the last order. But, as I experienced this week, if the company puts the wrong price and allows you to checkout at that price, they should honor it. I can't remember what the company was called but I will certainly recognize the name when I see it again and I will not order from them again. The only notice I got that the order was cancelled was a refund notice from Paypal. I think they should have offered me a coupon or something to keep me as a customer. An explanation email at the very least.


Probably talking about this deal,

Well, I guess it really depends on how big the error is and how much the company is going to lose if they honor the price. If you see a new Gen 4 iPod Touch 32gb for $20 when the normal price is $299 then I would say no, this is an obvious error. But, if you see the same iPod Touch for $250 then maybe since it could be just a really good deal. But this is all up to the company, I do not believe they are required to do this if someone made an error.

I mean, yesterday Woot left the WootOff lights running for an hour after the Monkey but never put up a new item, they finally just turned the lights off. Should they have put up a new item? I think so but they weren't required to. Probably just a new variation on the psychology experiment they are running.


@jazcat: I am one of those who waited for another item. Last December they put up an ! shirt after the monkey. I was hoping for another shirt. I am now just another woot statistic, if the lights are flashing I (or someone in my family) will have my (their) eyes on the computer. :)

I am one of those that believe that mistakes happen. If the company honors the mistake, you get a great deal but if they don't, you shouldn't get hot about it.


An interesting subject, truly... It's one that really depends on specifics of the situation. There isn't and shouldn't be one hard and fast rule that applies to every instance, as some carry more gravity than others.

However, I do usually lean on the side of expecting, as genuine customer service (something seriously lacking in many way, these days), that a company should honestly try to uphold their public with constancy in service - that would include honouring mistakes made on their part, or at very least, making some attempt at reparation. A company shouldn't be able to bow out of being accountable for their published materials, even online.

Granted, there are some honest mistakes that you really can't expect to come true (i.e. a missing zero in car pricing). But there are almost always extenuating circumstances to be explained, especially coming from different entities. For instance, Wal-Mart can much more easily handle that than a small, start-up tech store. It's situational.


Another example of this was a deal that I got in on a while back, and then the deal was repealed, only to be handled differently... It was a complete fiasco with over the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray:

The end result was good, but the trouble many customers experienced in the middle would definitely not fall within my definition of good customer service.


@benyust2: Just check your recently commented thread (or mine for that matter) that deal should be near the top if you want to note the name.

@thefenst: I hope that didn't cause you too much trouble the other day, I wasn't trying to start something with them but at the same time I thought it important that people have the information about their previous behavior. A deal post as "Unauthorized Marketing" still makes me chuckle. It certainly was a dramatic way to get into the top 15 rep for the first time.


@theoneill555: Yeah, I saw you on the forums for the Monkeys last night. I especially liked @thunderthighs reply to someone who blamed the Amazon takeover of Woot for the issues with the lights.

"They aren't running it. We are messing up just fine on our own, thank you."



@jazcat: That's what's so endearing about woot. They own it when they mess up and admit it when they're selling crap.


Well not reading all of these at 2 am and making stupid comments. If they don't match it (not sure why support walmart anyway) Just walk into best buy and get them to price match =P


Really? Terms and conditions? IN the real world, it's called false advertising, and they have to give it to you for the advertised price. Period. I once got a $130 joystick for $40 that way(Carefully check the price stickers at Fry's Electronics, they're morons, and they will have a shelf full of correctly marked items with one or two marked for a steal, they have to honor that.). It's one thing if they have already printed the retraction, but if they haven't caught it yet, they should have to honor it. Otherwise, they could post something every day at some ridiculous price, and tell you 'Sorry it was a mistake', and still increase their sales due to the people who decide to give in and buy it anyway.

Damn skippy they should have to honor it. It's the circle of life.