questionsdid you notice woot is now competing with itself…


Hate to break it to you man.. but you're wrong.
One is clearly a slightly darker shade of gray.. (which is a little strange considering it looks to be the exact same picture in both thumbnails lol)

Good catch though - I thought that light looked kind of familiar :)


There are so many side deals anymore, that I've lost interest in looking. It's too much. If I wanted to be overwhelmed, I'd just shop on Amazon. How can anyone even find anything in this mess?


I started to at least read the header flyouts to see the shop names. Now there are so many they can't even show them all.

Woot was one deal a day, now it's TL;DR.


Both prices are now the same... $19.99


Haha, now they've matched their own price. I say they should do match (price - 5%) like Sears used to! Bidding war, WootvWoot!


We're such goofs. You know, sometimes the right hand doesn't talk to the left hand. All better now. And if you bought it earlier, never fear. You will be taken care of. Expect a love letter from CS soon.


I totally think Woot should compete against each other, to the benefit of the consumer. Split the office into 2 sides and both sides get to pick items to sell and go for most profit.


@capguncowboy: Naw, amazon is much less confusing than Woot Plus. At least on amazon, I can see at a glance that they're selling flashlights - and then I can see all the options for flashlights in one place.