questionshave you ever used a tens unit? what kind of pads…


I just used mine yesterday. I got mine from woot, it was the Medisana Back pain relief system. I do not recommend it as I would rather have pads I can stick to different locations. To be fair it is made for backs and I use it on my arm.
Example I had shoulder pain and the pads would be just about in the right spot but if I moved one all 4 would move. Otherwise it works fine.


I have several Tens units, some from Woot. I do think they can be helpful, but I have to be in agony before I pull one of them out and slap it on. So I guess from my standpoint they're OK, but too much trouble to be really useful. In the interest of full disclosure, I have found them helpful on back and shoulder pain, which I have rarely. They aren't useful for knee and ankle pain which are the biggies with my wreck of a body.