questionswhy does the list of available states on wine…


Woot is only acting as a broker for sales on wine.woot. The actual sales are made by the wineries themselves (or their distributors).

Thus, each winery has to have whatever permits, etc. are necessary for each state.


it is as the bottom of the page states, it is following the laws. each winery needs to negotiate individually with each state, and in many cases for each label as well.
It is a combination of winery and state that the offering isn't available to you. It could be that they requested the license, but the state hasn't granted it yet.


@lxzndr: The question comes from the fact that if they're following the laws, then the laws would apply to each offering. If each winery needs a license though, that would make more sense, but is not stated.


@jeffrjohn: One of the major distributors of wine, beer and liquor in MI went under a couple of months ago. Some stores, especially the party stores, are having a hard time even getting Labatt's, much less various wines. If it was that particular distributor associated with the winery on the deal, then Michigan will be out, and possibly on others as well. The other 2 distributors are trying to pick up on all the business the one left. Go figure, another Big 3.


What they said. The laws regarding the transportation, distribution, sale, and consumption of alcohol in this country are absolutely nuts. Some states more than others. Pennsylvania, I am looking directly at you.


@wilfbrim: hell, Indiana is dry on sundays, Ohio doesn't allow liquor at grocery stores, or even costco, only beer & wine, and finally, the county where Jack Daniels is distilled and bottled is 100% dry....