questionswhat is with the sock monkey?


... You had time to debate whether you wanted one?

This must be how you have them all! You can control time... Quite and extraordinary specimen you are


They're monkeys and they're Officially licensed Woot merchandise*. Who wouldn't want them?

*Officially licensed Woot merchandised may not really exist. I'm not really sure, as I don't pay enough attention to these kinds of things.


I'll admit I have amassed far too many different woot monkeys, (or perhaps too few) and I, too, would love to have one of them fugly beasts you managed to snag.


@miquinn: I really did have time. As woot has been pretty predictable, I knew that if new monkeys were going to show up that they would arrive between 7-9:30 pm PST. So, I planted myself in front of the computer and waited. When the monkey came up, I looked at it and looked at it and called my brother to tell him that the monkey was up. I finally read the description that said the monkey have an embroidered cape and figured, at the very least, I could put the cool embroidered cape on one of my other monkeys. Then I went and dug out my coupon code from September and purchased the monkey.

maybe the vortex manipulator replica that I purchased, actually works


I know what you mean. I've always seen the silly things as being passively offensive.


@dmaz: Thank you, I was beginning to think that I was alone in my opinion. My brother called to tell me that he got his and how great they are and that he wishes he could have gotten more and I just don't understand their appeal.


I'm not a fan of sock monkeys, but wanted one for my tree. It's just something different. I missed out though because I had to go out and pick up my girlfriend. ...when I got back home and saw it was sold out, I was like... ;_;


It's an obsessive compulsive behavior.


Thank you - I've never liked monkeys of any kind, they just don't appeal. And I've never liked sock monkeys in particular - this gives me a little hope that I'm not just a humorless weirdo.

Nah, I'm a humorless weirdo. sigh


@theoneill555: I hate you. Really. I hate you. I tried desperately to get the sock monkey, since they're sort of an inside, slightly romantic joke for spouse and me. And then you just waltz in here and casually admit that you had no problem ordering one! How wicked and cruel you are to those of us who tried and failed.

:::wandering off forlornly to feel bad for myself:::


@theoneill555: As I said before... I'd be happy to take one off your hands. ;-)


@nastyducky: Don't get me wrong, I love my woot monkeys (I am not fanatical about any other monkeys). But these sock monkey things are kind of creepy looking.

@magic cave: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rub it in that I got the monkey. I am just trying to understand this particular monkey's appeal (I'm still not seeing it).

@unclefrog: You know that if I had any extras, it would already be in the mail headed towards your place. Unfortunately, my supply line failed me and my extra one was spoken for less than 5 mins after the sellout.


I love sock monkeys. They make me smile. I even have a pair of flannel sock monkey sheets on my bed (its a king size lol) that I bought from kohls.


@magic cave: They are selling on ebay. Just sayin'.


@jsimsace: woot sock monkeys? Thanks -- I'll check it out.


How can they be called sock monkeys if they aren't made from socks?