questionswhat are the must-have apps for the kindle fire?


Facebook, weather channel, Pulse News. If you're my 8 year old son and get ahold of mom's Fire, Good Fart and Happy Poo.


@sskarstad: you say 8 yr old son, I say husband :) thanks for the recommendations.


Kindle version of Hunger Games trilogy, Plants vs. Zombies, comics / manga readers, Angry Birds in Space HD edition.


I'm betting you got one of the recertified kindles recently that amazon was selling for 139.99, me too!

I don't know what your level of techy-ness is, but I highly recommend at least considering hacking the device to run CM7. This will give you what is basically a customized version of standard android and access to almost every app in the market.

I can go into detail on how to do it if you want, but it is pretty easy. Check out the xda developers forum for the kindle fire and android development.

Once there, there is something called the kindle fire utility which does almost all the work for you. Then you can either keep the stock kindle fire operating system but with access to the full market now, or you can install a custom rom. I recommend Hellfire's CM7 rom. Eventually you will want CM9, but I don't think it's really worth it yet, too unstable.


@portezbie: I actually got mine with debit card points, but it is much less useful than I anticipated. I think I will go the route you have suggested, had been pondering that recently. thanks for the tips!


Of course, WootWatcher!! It is the one app that I can say gets used everyday & it was free!! I also seem to use Pulse(great news source) & Pandora & TuneIn Radio(music sources) on a regular basis. If you enjoy solitaire or Mahjong, try 250+ Solitaire Collection & Random Factor Mahjong. They are decent free apps. Don't forget to check out the the app store daily, as Amazon offers a new app every day for FREE!! Thanks for the question. Can't wait to see what others have to offer.


Words with Friends, draw something (not in the app store but search and you'll find it via google), mahjong, facebook, netflix, and then just check the free app of the day at amazon.