questionswhats the best apirls fools joke you done or…

vote-for3vote-against, a website about the band Tool used to put up a fake article each year (I don't think they did one last year). One year, the band died in a plane crash, another year, the drummer quit. Once I was reading it late at night on 3/31 and didn't realize it wasn't real.


I did a Facebook prank. I messaged 120 people and told them to de-friend my friend Adam.
In 3 days he lost 37 friends.
His friend count went from 582 to 546.
I thought he would notice because of how often he is on facebook.
Unfortunately, Adam has the awareness of a drunk and blind inanimate object and didnt notice it at all.

so i told his friends that when they re-friend them to add a personal message to it. What i told the girls to say is worth sharing:

Girls say: "happy April fools day prank, i defriended you and you didn't even notice, our friendship level is at an all time low, i hate you forever, buy me dinner sometime."

Note: i did get a facebook mobile message after I defriended him "you rat bastard" April 1st 9:19pm.


Every year I have a friend call my mom to tell her I got arrested


@wootfast: I gotta tell you, and don't take this personally, that's stupid.

You can take it personally if you want, actually.


Last April Fools? "I'm pregnant."

Sadly now that we have a four-month-old I don't know how good that prank was.


@wootfast: I thought it was funny. vinithehat is probably too old to understand.