questionswhat happened to randall cleveland and theā€¦


I heard he quit cuz woot wasn't doing BOCs anymore... Ok, that may not be why, but I still think he's gone.


Well played, Mayans... well played...


@llandar was defeated by the crooked print of the MonkeyGeddon shirt.

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He found out Rachael Ray doesn't actually make those knives they sell on home.woot and it was too much for him to take.


I read in another thread that he is no longer working for Woot. No further information given. So, you are left unsatisfied. A cliffhanger in a TV series that got axed.


@wilfbrim: he popped into that inkykatz thread and said "screw you guys, I'm going home"

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He can still be found on Twitter, and his writing is as awesome as ever.


@llandar: wait, you bought a house and quit your job? that's not the usual order of things.

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@no1: That should give you an idea just how awful that place is now.


I wonder how long until the wootazon banhammer comes crashing down on his account... Also, any "intellectual property rights" concerns by posting stuff elsewhere?


@bsmith1: what stuff where?

@llandar: "that"

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@j5: Oh, I thought he re-posted some stuff over there, but it looks like only new stuff. Still, who owns the concept of the story?


@no1: I'd figured @llandar did it deliberately; it's a lot easier to qualify for a mortgage when one has been at the same job for more than two years than if one is a freelancer or at a new position.

@bsmith1: I haven't been following the continuing story, but from what I recall of it, there's no particular "concept" that's protectable under IP law. (Woot could, of course, threaten to sue him if he continues the story on his own blog and he likely couldn't afford to fight back, but that's not the same as woot having a claim that would stand up in a court of law.) If woot's lawyers have that much spare time, there are thousands of sites selling stolen shirt.woot designs...