questionsalright, shipping has been lowered.


[For those new to this equation, please note that there is already history here, and that you probably need to read other questions and the comments in deals, before thinking that I'd normally respond to anyone else in this way.]

We don't care. In addition, the people most likely to hang out here are the ones least likely to ever buy anything from you. I check each and every thing you post, and as long as you're being honest, I then ignore it. Note that your deals don't get voted up. Note that your questions don't get voted up. This is not an accident.

I'm not sure why you're trying to win us over, since (with few exceptions) the people that pay attention to the questions that show up on the fresh tab, are the very same people that are not particularly fond of you. Seriously.

Oh, and strange as this is going to seem to you, this isn't personal.


Well than frankly whats all of your issues with me and my company? My deals are better than can be found elsewhere, in addition I add coupons to lower the shipping below what anyone else charges. And I stopped spamming, so why does everyone have issues?


@bkindustries: Actually, I don't think you're getting the point. You can't force people to like you. In addition, I've seen comments on two of your deals where people have posted an ebay deal that was better. It doesn't matter if all your marginal stuff is cheaper. You've probably saturated the market of people on deals who really want to pay money for billy clubs, brass knuckles, and lockpicks.

No one here subscribes to Soldier of Fortune, thanks. No ex-Blackwater employees, either.


@bkindustries: No one has a problem with you at all, but you do realize you are posting things people probably do not want as you are not getting votes on your deals.

Also people are less inclined to vote up things that start at zero votes, I think, or they are more likely to scrutinize your deals because they know a dealer is posting them.

One more thing, if you actually stocked your products, instead of drop shipping everything, you won't have to charge $20 for shipping. I've had things drop shipped to my door only because the dealer I was buying from didn't have it in stock and it was a large, expensive, bulky item (it was a LOC HyperLoc 1600 HPR rocket kit) and they ate the extra cost for drop shipping.


Well as I mentioned before, every single time I have posted an item whether it has gotten woots or not or you or someone else posted bad remarks about it, I still sold dozens of them. Which means that at least a good handful of woot watchers are into having that kind of stuff, just not the more vocal ones like yourself.

And where did you get brass knuckles? I sale only items that can be shipped legally across state lines. (unlike


And its not just my marginal stuff, 90% of all my stuff is the cheaper anywhere, normally the more expensive stuff is even cheaper with my shipping added and bought alone.


@bkindustries: You've got a business and you're trying to make a living. I don't begrudge you that.

But items on your site only reach a competitive price on orders of several products. There's a limit to the number of people who are going to buy your stuff in bulk.

Let's consider the lockpick set you listed ( If I order 2doz it's a steal.... But WTF would I need 2doz lockpick sets for? I still can't figure out why someone who is neither a locksmith nor a criminal would want 1 set. Quoting you: "Pick locks are not illegal to own in any of the 50 states, however they are illegal in nearly every one to carry on your person or in your car unless your a certified locksmith."

So your target audience consists of: 1) Locksmiths 2) Criminals 3) Folks who want to practice picking locks at home w/o any practical use whatsoever - not even taking them to a friend's house to show off.

You can't expect that to be a popular deal.


It may not get many woots, but I sold dozens of lockpicks (even to one person who bought a dozen) But to make shipping worth it you don't have to purchase a lot of one item, simply shop the site and buy a couple different things. All my items are steals. and I have thousands of items.


It's good you posted here to get feedback. That's a good start. Every time someone mentions the shipping is too high you get defensive about it, but truth is we seek out not just products that are at good prices but good shipping deals. Yes, it is a start that you lowered your shipping price, but it is still too high for most people who don't buy in bulk. We keep explaining it to you but you just defend the shipping.
Another thing: it is impossible to even find your shipping rates on your website. You can write here what your rate is but it should be made easy to find on your site too.
I'd give the following advice:
1.focus more on deal postings for your clothes lines.
2.have at least occasional deals, good deals on your shipping for single item purchases, not just bulk deals posted here and elsewhere by other companies who are successful to get ideas of what works
4.consider finding a deals site that attracts people who buy in bulk


A comment on my own purchasing habits: practically everything I get on Woot is an impulse buy, which means I'm not going to be shopping for a dozen different items. If an item isn't a good deal on its own, I'm not going to buy it, and if your business is structured so that none of your items are good deals on their own, I'm not going to be buying from you.


What happened to replying to emails? I sent you an email and have not heard a thing back.