questionshow do you get lipstick out of clothing?


Nice. You've just freed yourself from ever having to do laundry again. Well played, sir.


Sure that's the reason. You better get rid of the lipstick stains on your shirt before your wife sees them!


My question is how did you not notice the lipstick before it went into the dryer? Most of these tricks work on stains before they have been set by the dryer. You can try, but you might be out of luck or have to dry clean.


@embhorn: my dad did the same thing with something red in with the whites. Never had to do laundry again.


@bnbsouthworth: Thanks for the links. I'll give some of these a try.

@embhorn:I wish this would get me out of it, she will probably tell me I need to do it more often so I can learn to do it right.

@jjilk: I did not have relations with another woman.


Give them to the wife, that's womens work.



How do I get lipstick out of my clothing, you ask? I just buy new underwear. ZING!


I'm afraid I can't offer any advice, but you did give me a great idea for whenever I get married...


Actually, I remembered something I've used that even worked on some set-in stains. It's worth a try --> <-- Though it says "bleach" it's not going to ruin any colors like you might expect.


@bnbsouthworth: I like the "use WD-40" answer. My Dad swears by this stuff.

@ruger9mm: I am betting you have this around the house--Sure Shot dry lubricant. Since the clothes are shot, so to speak, this is worth a try. Use a WHITE sheet, towel, rag, etc., both underneath the item and on top. Spray stain, press, blot. Use clean section of rag, spray, press, blot, repeat.


All I can add is my sympathies. If I see a stain BEFORE putting an item in the wash, I spray it with Oxyclean and watch it disappear before my eyes. Can't hurt to try it once through the dryer, but I personally have not had to do that YET


They sell this at our grocery store & Walmart: Carbona Stain Devils, they have different ones for various stains. Looks like you would need this one, they are about $3/bottle:

Stain Devils™ No. 6 Make-up, Dirt & Grass

Works on items: 100% Cotton, Acrylic, All Washable Fabrics, Lace, Linen, Net Curtains, Nylon, Polyester, Sheers, Silk, Viscose, Voile, Wool

Works on Stains: Grass, make-up, clay, dirt, mud, food colouring, rouge, mascara, lipstick, pollen, toothpaste, sand, eye shadow, eye liner or tennis sand.


I've soaked out a twice washed & dried red wine stain from a blue shirt using oxyclean. It took a week of soaking but the stain disappeared. The water was stained blue but my light blue shirt looked the same to me, minus the stain. Worth a shot, good luck!


@lmensor: YES! I knew there was something I had seen recently. Definitely worth the few dollars to try.

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