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If you click on the deal (the word "comments"), you can vote.


I don't see anyone bothering with voting on the sponsored deals anymore since you bypass the comments section when you click on the link. Voting there has become a waste of time and effort since no one who is taking advantage of the deals is likely to vote.


I have always paid more attention to the number and content of comments rather than the number of up or down votes when considering a deal. So many people vote for reasons having nothing to do with a deal that to me the votes are meaningless in terms of evaluating whether or not I want to buy a product. When I read comments I can disregard the irrelevant ones and weigh the ones that are actually on the merits of the product. So moving the votes inside the deals has had no impact on my utilization. If there's something I am interested in, I still read the comments then examine the product.


@morriea: thanks, that shows how much I didn't care about this. In the past I would see the deal and vote. Now I have to click ...... then vote.......too much work


I was thinking just this morning that I don't even bother glancing at the sponsored deals any more. I used to check them out just to be able to vote on them, but it's been so long since or them actually interested me that without the ability to vote it seems like a major waste of time even to comment.


All this invites another comment: Since it's much harder to vote on the sponsored deals, and fewer of us are, then why have "Yesterday's Sponsored Pick" on the Leader Board. Seems kinda useless to me.


@mtm2: that's the Sponsored Deal Least Hated!


@magic cave: Same here. I noticed them and examined them b/c I voted. Now, once in awhile if I happen to see a lot of comments under an item I take a peak. Otherwise, not so much.

Top five are today's sponsored deals. Now, vote away! (Bookmark the link and you can conveniently vote every day.)

BTW, the link is courtesy of another wooter's post on a previous question, whom I would gladly credit if I were certain they would wish to be identified here by me.


I, for one am down-voting ALL sponsored deals. It's just my small way of telling Amazon/Woot that what they have done STINKS!

Not wanting to repeat what many others have said, I still must say that Amazon has run a great company into the ground. I was one of the many naysayers when Amazon first bought Woot. We were told, by Amazon people, that what we felt about bad things happening to Woot would never happen. Guess what? THOSE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED! And they have happened in droves!