questionswill you miss dick clark on new years eve?


I thought he died in 1991 and was replaced by a robot...

Yeah, he was a fixture and I'll miss him on new year's eve, but I think ryan seacrest is the new dick clark.


Well, damn. That sucks. I remember watching him growing up on the bloopers shows, as well. I will miss his show at new years...but the past few he's done have been a little depressing.


RIP another entertainment great. Won't be the same til they bust out the hologram version.


Not not at all. Couldn't understand the last few years anyways.

Good riddance.


on the bright side, another site I use has a death pool every year, ending on Halloween, and I finally scored some points!

01. Betty White
02. Fidel Castro
03. Hugo Chavez
04. Doc Severinson
05. Nancy Reagan
06.Jimmy Carter
07. Dick Clark
08. Dick Cheney
09. Hugh Hefner
10. Steve-O

You get 10 points for number one on your list, 9 for number 2, and so on, down to 1 point for number 10...
I almost scored on Dick Cheney.
4 points for me!


@kamikazeken: Betty White as #1, your just mean. ;P


@okham: I agree. Ever since he had the stroke, his presence on New Years Eve has been difficult to watch. But a part of me wonders if it wasn't him that wanted to keep doing it. I mean, hosting the New Years Eve show has been something that he'd done almost forever. To give that up would have had to have been really hard for him. When I look at it that way, I'm glad that he was able to continue with the tradition.


You take Betty White off that list right now! :(


I'm playing my best guesstimate of the odds, nothing personal. I just have a feeling that she won't last long.


Dick Clark was the only reason I turned on the TV on New Years Eve. I find the rest of the TV festivities to be kind of dumb. I will miss earlier memories of him, but the last few years were hard to watch. It was still nice to see him there as part of a tradition and I got the feeling he wanted to be a part of it for tradition's sake.


@gt0163c: It has been tough to watch in some ways, but I had to admire his courage in letting us see just how tough it was. What a great face for those who have suffered strokes or other brain injuries! It was certainly inspiring.

And, to the OP, yes, I will miss him. What a legacy!


@inkycatz: I always feel as if no one knew Betty White was even alive until she had that one super bowl commercial. Now all of the sudden she's a reborn star.

Anyway, RIP Dick. You will be missed. Lets hope they don't get some d-bag like Ryan Seacrest to replace your legacy.


there won't be a new year's eve, this is all part of the end of the world coming december 21st, dick didn't need to stick around. :p


Someone please start a campaign for Casey Kasem for Rockin New Years 2013.


Dick Clark did not like to say 'good-bye' on his shows. Instead he said, "So long." Loved American Bandstand. Found his later appearances on welcoming the new year so sad & hard to watch. Guess I'd rather remember him in earlier days.

So long, Dick'll be remembered and missed! :`(


@kidincredible: Please tell me that's not an actual hashtag trending on Twitter. Because to half the people seeing it, it won't immediately mean what it's supposed to mean.


@kamikazeken: you should replace betty white with zsa zsa gabor. and your points system is all wrong. points should be tallied by 100 - age of celebrity. it de-emphasizes death by old age. and more skill than just loading your list with 90 year olds.


It's a good thing the world's ending in December--it just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Dick Clark... :)

EDIT: Dangit. I totally ripped of @kschom's comment... Haha.


@rhammond1989: I hope none of your friends or family ever has a health tragedy and has to depend on you for any support or understanding.

If all you knew him from was the New Years Eve show, then you probably wouldn't understand what a monumental personality he was, or why it meant so much to him, or to anyone else.

If you didn't know him from some time in the last century, then his passing probably wouldn't mean anything to you. I'm sorry you only have "celebrities" like Snooki and the Kardashians to look up to.

Dick Clark had more heart in his little pinky than most anyone on TV today. Sorry to see the end of another era.


@wootfast: Should I ever get in a celeb pool of sorts, I'm coming to you to optimize my strategy.


Yes he hasn't been in his prime since his 2004 stroke, but I was there rooting for him. He built an empire by hard work and a great personality. He earned the right to stay in that New Year's Eve spot as long as he wanted it.

My mom suffered a stroke a couple weeks before last NYE, and while she's totally recovered, she also suffered temporary speech loss. It made last year's episode all the more poignant for me.

Thanks Dick, and so long.



I guess you missed the recent realization that the Mayan calendar didn't account for leap years and thus the world actually ended last October.

I will miss Dick Clark's presense on New Years' Eve, though it has certainly not been the same since 2004.


I won't miss him. Not because I disliked the man, or what he contributed to American Pop Culture... He just was not, and has not been integral to my New Years Eve events ever. While he was there on the TV occasionally, I just don't associate him with NYE like some people do.

I'm not happy he's dead, but the last few years he really hasn't seemed to be enjoying himself, let alone his life. Having been to a lot of funerals in my life, and watched a lot of my family waste away, all I do at this point is be thankful they're not in pain anymore.


@kamikazeken: "but I think ryan seacrest is the new dick clark."

yes, i sometimes think that ryan seacrest must have had a stroke, too.


As for the OP, I never watched the NYE countdown, but I am old enough to remember American Bandstand. I guess my answer will be that you can't miss what you never had, but I wish peace upon his family.


@baqui63: Actually the "leap year" thing is unfounded. The Maya used a count of days without regard to the year. Leap years are irrelevant. Some people just think they're smart by being "herp derp leap year!" Not that I really think the world will end, but still...

Anyway, RIP Dick. I'm a huge fan of the old Pyramid shows and he was great.


Not at all. I generally don't miss celebs or other strangers when they die. I miss family and friends when they die.


I was sad to see the news today of his passing. I remember watching this past NYE and seeing him and his wife kiss at midnight and thought how fortunate and special that was for them after him surviving his tragic health issues and still being able to do what he loved. Though I admit I struggled watching him and hearing him speak with the memory of what he was like before his stroke, watching him on the various shows as a kid growing up. So yes, he will be missed. RIP Dick


@baqui63: well i was kidding about the end of the world anyway, but the mayan calendar didn't need to account for a leap year, the leap year is a gregorian calendar feature.


@rhammond1989: Wow! So many down-votes! I hesitate to say I agree with you, but... these last few years it was painful to watch him try to talk. Kind of a downer on what is meant to be a celebratory evening.

Honest answer: I won't miss him on New Years. Go ahead, down-vote away.


@walkingsnake, @kschom:

I assumed that people would realize that my comment was intended as a joke, especially given the part that pointed out that the world actually ended last October. It certainly was not some claim that I am in some way smarter about the Mayan calendar, leap years, or the end of the world.

I'm glad to see that the old adage about the word assume still applies.

For the record: IMHO anyone who thinks the Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end later this year doesn't understand the calendar.