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While this is a major achievement for science, I seriously doubt that this discovery will change 3/14 from Pi day to "Higgs Boson day". This achievement is simply a stepping stone for future development. I will be more excited to see what achievements we make due to this discovery.


Absolutely not.

Since the Standard Model has been used to make predictions with accuracy for quite awhile, I do not see the discovery itself having a huge impact. is COOL!


Everything is a stepping stone to future achievements, research, and knowledge so I don't get that argument to dismiss discovering the Higgs boson.

It is major in that it does change our understanding of things...mass comes from the Higgs and not the protons like we thought it did for all these years.

It will suck for the astronomy students in college, who probably don't realize it yet, because their text books are about to become worthless come time to sell it back. My astronomy book was bought back for $2 because they launched the Hubble telescope while I had an astronomy class and the stuff they found almost immediately...


@first2summit: Used book resale has gone to hellz since I went to college. It was bad enough years ago when you'd get 2-3 years of resale out of a book. Nowadays, they are obsolete by the end of the semester.

I think it's a conspiracy.

And to the OP. I think it's cool as hellz.

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There are a couple of other people that think so too.


@first2summit: Actually, the Higgs Boson and Higgs Field have been part of the Standard Model for years. That is why there has been an ongoing race to prove its existence. If it could not be proven, THAT would have been when a change to our understanding of the Universe would need to take place.


But I thought it wasn't the Higgs Boson particle, just a Higgs Boson particle purposed by the Standard Model.

I do like the fact that I feel as if science is getting some headway. It felt stagnant lately.


@morriea: Yeah but it was all theory until now and that makes all the difference in the world.


@first2summit: Believe me I know. I am one of the excited ones. My point is that its existence has been assumed whenever there are predictions made using the Standard Model. Much of today's technological advancements in electronics are based on our understanding of the Standard Model. My only point is that it is not something that will advance science as much as people think because scientists have been basing their current work on the assumption that it exists. That does not change.


@morriea: I agree it's really cool, but it will be a giant leap once they can prove (or even just test) string theory.


but doe sit spin at the speed of spooky action at a distance?


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i lost faith in science as soon as they tried to convince me that Pluto wasn't a planet. All girls know that "size doesn't matter", and its about time scientists adopted the same attitude. It' not small, it's "cute". To quote Job Bluthe "The jury is still out on science"


@first2summit: I feel like you didn't read my comment, or perhaps misread my comment. One of the first things that I said was that the discovery was a "major achievement", how is that an "argument to dismiss discovering the Higgs boson"? My argument is that the discovery is not so big as to rename 3/14 to "Higgs Boson day".

There are currently no known technological benefits from this discovery, but when there are, I will start to appreciate the discovery more.


@ndcouch: Science is not something you have faith in. I lament the loss of Pluto's official status as a planet (I still teach it to my kids and have a "Pluto: Never Forget" tshirt) but the decision was logical and based on data as all scientific classifications should be. The size of Pluto has little to do with its status as a dwarf planet (despite the word "dwarf" being a part of the name). It lost it's planetary status due to the ongoing discovery on additional objects orbiting the sun beyond Neptune and the need to have a consistent system to classify things in our solar system. Since Pluto does not have a clear orbital path around the Sun (Pluto's orbit crosses that of Neptune), it was reclassified. Scientific models need to be revised from time to time to incorporate new evidence, though sometimes we may not like it. But science doesn't care if you have faith in it or not.


@belowi: dear Lord, apparently nobody can recognize sarcasm. I at least thought that quoting Gob Bluthe's "the jury is still out on science" comment would let people know i was joking.