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I wouldn't say that I collect them, but I do have a half dozen or so fountain pens and dip pens. My favorite dip pen is a green glass one. a pic.

My favorite fountain pen is the one that started it all for me, the Montblanc 144. Everyone raves about the 149, but it's just overkill. It looks like one of those giant Marks-A-Lot markers. Also, I really like the removable piston in the 144. Makes cleaning easier.

If I got another one, it'd be an old 146 with an ebonite feed. The next time I have a thousand bucks to blow on a pen, I'll get a green striated 146.

Oh, and I'm a lefty, so if anyone knows of a good quality, quick drying ink that isn't Quink...I'm listening.


@rprebel: Check for a variety of inks (and pens) at


@rprebel: I was so glad to see that you liked that pen. I just got that exact one, same color too, as gift for a friend who collects and uses them. Now, I can't wait to give it to him. Thanks! : )


@pickypickypicky: It writes really well and holds more ink than you'd think for being made of glass. It looks impractical, but it actually does work. It's like using a fountain pen with an EF nib. Very narrow.

@magic cave: Thanks. I got one of their 6 packs (black, blue, purple, brown, green, red) about 10 years ago, and still have some of it left. I used it for a while to mix my own colors. A little black, brown, and plenty of green gets you a pretty good match for Montblanc's British Racing Green. My favorite color, now retired. :(


@rprebel: Well, there's a "recipe" to remember!

Back in 1959 my father bought an Austin-Healey Sprite, the hard-top convertible model; sports cars, especially British cars, were relatively rare in Central Florida at the time, and it was customary for drivers to wave at each other on the road.

He passed away many years ago, but in my mind's eye I can still see him tooling around town in that elegant little British Racing Green car with the white hardtop.

Thanks for mentioning the ink color; it gave me a moment of loving memory.


@rprebel, you might also find some inks here They've got an amazing selection in person.


I've got a Sailor with an extra fine nib as my go-to pen. It's about the size of my pinky finger and the cap attaches to the back to make it full-sized. My Waterman still has the best weight and feel, though.


This question brought back so many memories for me. I remember my first day at school. We had to have a jar of black ink. It was a mess. Most of the children managed to break the bottles on their way to school.
Anyway, at school we were given these "wooden" pens, that just had a
nib. Then the teacher instructed us how to write
The next year we were allowed to bring our own ink pens. Then, after that, everyone was using ballpoints.
Shame really.


My favorite source for fountain pens is

And my favorite pen is this one right here: