questionsfree streaming with prime?


relatively new, not sure exactly how long. Think it is for selected "albums/song from selected record labels over 6 months past release date


I haven't seen it -- but I haven't shopped on Amazon in the last few days. (I expect a personal call from them any moment now asking if I'm all right.)

EDIT: So I just checked it out. HOLY CARP! What a cool idea and nice bennie for having Prime!

Saw the notice: Your music collection just got a lot bigger. Listen to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists with Prime Music.

Looked for the first name that came to mind (Bette Midler) and found a message that I have unlimited streaming of [this] album through Music Prime.

I can dig it. Also makes the price bump on Prime a little easier to handle.


Didn't know about album streaming, but I have been thoroughly enjoying the Prime streaming of TV shows and movies. I don't even pay for cable anymore. I call it the trifecta: with Hulu Plus, Amz Prime and Netflix, I can pretty much watch anything my heart desires. I agree with @magic cave, this definitely makes the price bump a little easier to swallow.


This is.....AWESOME!!! I'm glad you asked! Now Prime is just that much more worth it. Now we just need cell phone carriers to offer more data at lower costs. I swear, if it weren't for the high cost of data, I wouldn't need much storage on my phone. And don't say T-Mobile, because it's a no go in my area :(

I got an update from the Google Play Store. The app is renamed "Amazon Music with Prime Music"


I just signed up for the one month free of Amazon Prime, last night. I've heard the movies and TV shows aren't quite up to par with Netflix, but improving. I guess this will make it more worth the money, but I wouldn't be surprised if it included another price increase.


@theco2: Amazon is treating this as a value-added item, and of course it makes the already-announce price increase a little easier to handle. In addition, with Amazon Prime you now also get the brand new Amazon Prime Music, which is about 1,000,000 songs you can stream for free anytime and can upload into your free cloud storage and access from any device.


I just noticed this a few hours ago, when my phone updated the amazon mp3 app with prime streaming, I tried it, found some stuff I think I am dropping my slacker subscription.

(I have been keeping my grandfathered unlimited data from verizon, or I would be whining too)


Yeah, I just read about it today in one of their email announcements.. I'm sure it just recently started.


The free streaming MP3s, like the free video streaming is only for the main account. Works fine if you have access to the main account...less if, for whatever reason, you don't.