questionsdo you fly with a checked bag?


Bag fees have been getting out of hand. I traveled from NYC to PHX 2 weeks ago and we ran out of space in the overhead because EVERYONE had a carry on.

I tend to avoid checking bags when I can because I don't want to risk losing it or have it's contents damaged from handlers. Plus, it's nice to NOT have to wait for your stuff at baggage claim.


I don't bring large carry-ons. A small bag with only what I may need either in-flight or immediately after landing is enough, everything else gets checked. The only time I needed more than one checked bag was for a month long trip to S. America, and I think there was a $75 fee for the second bag.


Take it from someone that used to do a lot of traveling. If you know far enough ahead of time where you're going, just ship your luggage via FedEx or UPS. The hotel can receive it for you (or your relatives or friends), and it'll be there, on the other end, waiting for you.

Yes, I've done this. Yes, it works just fine.

I wouldn't mind the fees for the checked luggage. It's the chance of it not being there when I land that gets me. Mind you, I'm not talking about lost luggage, just delayed. I mind it less when I'm headed home, but it flat makes me insane when I'm headed out.

Last time I traveled, I shopped, and shipped home three boxes for less than the baggage fees for two suitcases. They (FedEx and UPS) don't even bat an eye, any more, when you put the sender and recipient addresses as the same person.

I like it. It works.


I normally travel with a backpack (fits under the seat in front) then a light bag (which I store in the compartments).


I hate large bags in the cabin. Last thing I want is someone's dirty underware in the overhead bins!

While it is an expense to check it, if I've got plane changes I don't have to worry. Only had mine not show up at the other end once, and that was coming home. The airline brought it to me.


I have never had lost or delayed checked baggage ::searches for piece of wood...knock...knock...knock:: but I always travel with a change of clothes and some necessities in a backpack just in case.

(Never was a fan of Southwest until the other airlines started charging for bags)


I usually just carry on all my stuff in a backpack and a small suitcase (just clothing, usually).


Someone was going off on that topic not too long ago saying they should charge for carry-on instead because everyone is slowing down the boarding process by trying to cram their large bags in to the overhead bins to avoid paying for checked luggage and then they inevitably run out of room and have to check all the rest of the carry-on anyway. Made me chuckle.


If I'm staying for one or two nights, I've managed to figure out how to shove my laptop plus two days of work clothes into a reasonably sized backpack. That avoids the whole scramble for overhead bin space, and it's really essential if I have to make a connection. It gets mighty cramped in that bag and sometimes means sacrifices (like I can't figure out how to cram my running shoes in there), but reducing my stress level is so worth it.

It's been a while since my last overseas trip, but I try to use just one suitcase and I might insert a duffle bag or something in it, just in case I need space for souvenirs.


I bring only a small carry-on and rarely check my bag. I used to check a bag but even before the fees, started traveling lighter and lighter. My son and I are going for a weekend visit and we will both have small carry-on bags. Hopefully there will be enough room as more and more people are carry larger bags and trying to claim them as carry-on bags.


I just don't bother to fly. The airports are too much of a hassle, plus I generally carry a gun. I drive or teleconference.


I do not like checking bags just because it is too much of a hassle, you must wait in line to check, wait for it to arrive at baggage claim, and the fear that my bag will be the one that did not make the trip.


After having my checked bags get lost twice by the same airline on an international flight with a layover and a plane switch both there and back, I haven't checked a bag unless it is 1: free and 2: on a non-stop domestic flight.

I remember having to wear the same clothes for 4 days straight. Luckily I had packed my boxers, undershirts and socks in my backpack (carry-on) so I could feel somewhat clean.

I could care less about carry-on space. It is the tragedy of the commons and a mutually accepted risk by everyone who gets on a plane to know that space may run out.

Flying is always a last resort for me. Absolutely hate the hassle (security checks, arriving 732 hours early), the lack of space, the smells, the food, etc.


if it's under a 10-hour drive, screw flying.
Having to arrange ride to & from airport, check bags, arrive early for security, all-too-often delays, and then baggage claim and car rental, flying only saves 2 or 3 hours.

And yes, we usually check a few bags when we do fly.


If I'm going for less than a week, I go with just carry ons. I have a duffle bag that fits in the overhead bins well and a backpack for under the seat. I can also carry those items fairly easily (even when fully packed), so getting through the airports isn't really an issue.
If I'm going for a week or more, I end up checking a bag. Just haven't figured out a way to get around that, especially in the winter when I need bulkier clothing.

I am bummed that Airtran merged with Southwest and no longer flies out of DFW. I can book through business travel on Airtran and that gets me a free checked bag, which comes in especially handy at Christmas (when I'm traveling with my gear plus presents).


@shrdlu: I did that once, but the hotel shipped it home overnight instead of the cheapest fashion as I'd requested, and it cost me something like $75. On top of that we were still on vacation, I'd shipped all the dirty clothes and souvenirs bought so far home, and so it sat at UPS waiting for me for two weeks. I couldn't take it to UPS myself as I had no car and we were flying out on Labor Day after attending a convention, Even if Id had a car I wouldn't have wanted to ship my suitcase home halfway through the event, sending all the stuff I got there was the main purpose.


I am usually traveling for 2-3 weeks, often internationally. So checking a bag is pretty much required. I do factor in luggage costs when selecting the airline with which I will fly. If it's a tie I go with the one that doesn't charge for checked luggage or allows at least one free bag just on principle.