questionsno more $5 off codes?


There was some discussion in this thread from 25 days ago.


I think they are hiding the coupons in the BOCs they are selling during Woot Offs.


Yes, it does appear the coupons and the BOC's are all dead and buried. The issue has come up here several times and as far as I know, the Woot Gods have never responded. I guess the coupons have been replaced with Woot Plus offerings and $5 ships everything you buy for the day. It seems like a good trade off to me. You also have to figure those $5 coupons cost a lot on the bottom line. From my standpoint, I don't think the coupons ever got me to buy something I wouldn't have anyway, but the $5 ships it all deal has.


@nortonsark: My experience is the opposite of yours. The coupons definitely convinced me to buy things I normally wouldn't and the shipping deal has had no influence whatsoever to me because I never see more than one thing at a time that I want to buy. Oh well, I've been saving lots of money!


@tippypaws: Likewise.

With every change away from the old Woot that I enjoyed, I find myself NOT buying more stuff now. I still buy stuff now and then, but the sense of urgency (read: impulse purchase) is gone. And I'm sure everyone knows about a certain subdivision that I used to frequent ...


@tippypaws: Same here...
Occasionally see something I will want or need, but coupons got me buying other items...


@tippypaws: you can add me to this group that made more impulse purchases if I was in possesion of a coupon, now with the $5 ships it all I am pretty sure that if I had a coupon that made all the shipping "free" I would have made many more purchases than I have recently...lack of coupons = loss of purchases from me


@tippypaws: One more here in agreement. I found myself LOOKING for a purchase if the coupon was expiring. Now I just let it go.


@narfcake: Exactly! I'd buy stuff just because I had a coupon and it was about to expire! I once let one expire on accident and hated myself for a week because of it. Haha


I don't think we'll be getting the $5 off coupons back any time soon. I do, however, believe that the BOC will make a triumphant return. The only problem is that they're going to be filled with Power Balance bands.


Just like many others... I miss my $5 coupon.

The other day there was something up on kids that would have made a great xMas present for the neighbor kid. Unfortunately the $5 shipping made it unpalatable. I searched EVERY Woot site, and EVERY side deal trying to find something else to justify making the purchase by utilizing the $5 ships all. Nothing.

In the end I didn't order anything. If I would have had a coupon, I wouldn't have thought twice and would have make the order.


@jsimsace: Thanks (: That will teach me to search code and not coupon.


I know that I have a hard time justifying that first purchase of the day without the coupon. But if I do buy one thing that day, it's almost a guarantee that I will find something else to purchase. There are never ending children's birthdays, baby showers, etc. do the largeness of our families. I can always use something for children or my kitchen. But if I don't have the coupon, the odds of me making that first purchase are really low.

BTW - I finally know what woot+ is modeled after...! I finally cracked and signed up to look around and wouldn't you know - they have a billion themed side sales. Each sale is grouped and runs for a specific time frame. And, once you pay shipping on the first thing you buy that day - your shipping for everything else is free. Oh, one difference! They have a shopping cart. Also, sales are searchable. So, woot + is to zulily what onesaleaday is to woot.


I miss my coupons as well. I can't justify spending "all you can ship" for $5, if there's only 1 item I want. Although, if there's a woot-off, and there's something I want-it doesn't bother me. I'm more likely to buy a few more things if I know shipping isn't an issue.

I'm included in those who aren't here as much anymore. I usually just check from my phone to see what today's deals are, sometimes forgetting about the plus sites. Which is unfortunate, because when I do, there's usually something sold-out I would've gotten.

My shiny black triangle has turned to a tarnished green color in the meantime, so I'll have to bring that back up in the hopes that some day we'll see the return of the precious $5 coupon again! I'm working for it @jumbowoot!


so maybe take the check-out process question about it was a wootereful program.