questionswhat is your drink of choice?


I've mostly given up liquor since a few too many "good nights" at rugby socials, but I do like the occasional good whiskey sour. For beer, I always like a good belgian or summer ale. My favourite, though it pains me to say as a hater of all sports Boston, is Sam Adam's Boston Lager. Don't see enough of it out here on the left coast, though, so I've taken to Alaskan belgian and Mac and Jack's African amber.


The 'manly' me orders Jack and Cokes or neat Scotches.

The 'much less manly but screw you because I like the way it tastes!' me orders Stoli Razz and Cokes or Stoli Blueberry and Sprites...

Really depends on my mood.

Also, if I'm out of my area (vacationing or visiting people or what have you) I also try to sample as many regional microbrews as possible. I'm a sucker for a good beer.


Gimme a snifter of warm Grand Marnier and I'm happy.


TL;DR: Varies greatly based on my mood, from water to scotch or vodka neat.

When out and there is an opportunity to try a new beer, I'll frequently go for it. Seltzer w/ lime or lemon if I am driving. Wine at times.

When home and drinking beer, it might be an ale that I've brewed or whatever I have purchased recently (assortments from Sam Adams, Dundee and Saranac are common, but it mostly depends on what has been on sale recently). I almost never have things like Bud and Coors unless left over from a party where I needed swill to make some people happy.

When drinking wine at home, it is generally red and mostly from wine.woot. Cabernets and zinfindels are common but almost anything is possible.

Scotch would be any of several single malts (Cragganmore is a favorite) or Dewar's White Label (though others are possible as well).

Mixed drinks tend to be martinis (ie. gin & dry vermouth), frequently dirty. Tom & vodka collins are also common.

And then there's coffee and tea...


Whiskey sour or Jack and Coke.


Gosh, depends.

Water - for everyday, all day long
Diet Coke - when I drink something carbonated
Blush wine - when I'm cooking dinner :D
Margaritas - out on the town or here at home (we have a lime tree out back, fresh limes year round)

I don't drink as much alcohol as I used to due to gastric problems. Stupid senior citizenship.


If we're pre-gaming at home:
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka and orange juice.
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka and Three Olives Root Beer Vodka (as a shot).

If I'm out with friends and we're all "taking a shot together":
The Scooby Snack shot. SOOO girly, but it is oh-so good.

Otherwise, beer. Mostly microbrews, but I'll drink whatever on tap if I'm out with friends (I try not to be a snob). I had to opportunity to visit Belgium a few summers ago, and I've been hooked on unflavored lambic (but it is really hard to find). Gueuze Boon is the only one I've seen, but it is rare. A brewery in Scottsdale, AZ, makes a dark called Coconut Joes (coconut stout... mmmm...) and another called Orange Blossom Special (a white of some kind with some sort of orange flavor).

I'll have the occasional red wine (favorite is Grgich Hills Estates Merlot), but I can never finish the bottle and don't like the taste of left-overs, so I feel bad opening a bottle only to waste it.


For alcohol it would be either a red zinfandel or a shot of Patron Silver with a lime.
My current everyday drink of choice is Mitsuya cider or Ambasa the best sodas I have found in Japan


Double Jack and Diet Coke
Captain and Diet

Any number of "good" vodkas on the rocks (Ruskova, Stoli, Grey Goose)


Jack (or well whiskey if there is a good deal for happy hour) rocks, or guinness if its on tap and I feel like beer.


Beer, New Glarus Spotted Cow. (Its Wisconsin only so I always bring a few cases back when I visit.) If I run out of that, Leinie's Honey Weiss is my old reliable.

For a mixed drink, Captain and Diet. (I choose diet because it is less sweet and doesn't overpower the rum.)


French Kamikaze, or pretty much anything fruity mixed with vodka. Otherwise it's water. Used to drink Pepsi, but gave it up as empty calories. Can't do diet.


It depended on the bar/night. Either craft IPAs or Sugar free Red Bull and Stoli.

I haven't touched alcohol in almost 2 years though. I just couldn't handle it responsibly and the results of consumption were almost always negative.