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CAPGN 126 vs. MRDR 53.5: Ouch. This one couldn't have been more lopsided; with the Peyton Manning passpolsion aginst Baltimore and a strong showing by AP. Dude scored on his first touch of the season. Unfortunately for Carolina, most of her players were sedated prior to game time and all but 2 scored single digits, making this the most brutal beatdown of the week. Big potential for the Manning poop vids to make a comeback this week with some easier matchups in store.

Pants Party 117 vs. Team Germ 93: In our first team attrition game, Germ was the first to start an injured player(making him subject to league ridicule and he's now battling the begginning stages of depression). For his and everyone's sake, I hope he can put down the cosmo long enough to put in a line this week, esp since he had two TEs on the bench that could have helped make this one closer. My team performed well, I was proud, and we all celebrated with Pizza Hut and a movie after.


Drunk-os 110 vs. Woot Monkeys 60.5: I thought this game would be another close one, esp after both Woot Monkey's and Cajun's starting RBs decided to take a field trip together to "see where they make apple cider", but Cajun's two 20 point+ WR saved him. Both teams left some talent on the bench; The Monkeys sat Welker for some reason (hopefully the cut marks on Mark's thighs are healing well), and Cajun with the suprising Julius Thomas riding the pine means Cajun might have more TEs than he needs? *I'll take that /adjusts Cajun's team roster until he remembers he shares LM duties.


Game of the week
Test Monkies 82.5 vs. Hornberger 89.5
In the league's closest game, RG3 wasn't able to save the monkies and Horberger took this one, but at the expense of Danny Amendola. Tavon Austin and Dwayne Bowe had sub-par weeks for the Monkies, and leaving Edelman on the bench was possibly the difference in this game. Roddy White initially forgot there was a game, showed up late, and had to play the majority of his plays in footed pajamas. In my opinion both of these teams are destined for big weeks ahead, so be on the lookout.

Best of luck to you this week, excited to see how everyone reacts to last week.


Side notes:
That game last night was a shit show. I thought Brady's head might explode and fly around Gillette Stadium after a the littany of dropped passes, and I'm betting practice won't be fun for thoses guys this next week, even after the win. Geno looks like me might not have been the worst pick in the world, and might have good things in store for the Jets if they can keep the pocket from collapsing.

I'm still watching baseball in football season, thanks to my Royals staying competitive and keeping close in the wild card race. I tried to pick up Eric Hosmer as a backup QB, but ESPN hates the menatlly challenged, it seems.

Apologies for the late go of it, but really if you don't like it you can get bent. Someone get me a drink.


These used to get some love here, but not trying to crowd the board with crap nobody's interested in!


Thanks for the write-up -- I appreciate it even if no one else does.

I'm glad my team did well last week in this league. In my other league I had the equivalent of poopsmears for a team. And with Edelman, Ridley and Brady on that team, last night's game was NO better. Looks like another loss in that league for me.

Cheers -- keep 'em coming.


Even though I don't participate I enjoy your weekly write-ups. You have a talent for that. :)


@woothulhu: Great write up.. I loved it. And yes, my thigh cuts are healing with the use of tiger balm, which is made from parts of real tigers (not really people, it is an inside joke). Keep them coming, commish!