questionsdo you have a candy bucket at work?


Most people at my work have candy bowls on their desk. I used to have one but I was tired of feeding the freeloaders!


We don't really have candy buckets where I work but my cube is known as the "Cube of Food". Usually at least once a week someone in our group brings in something. Sometimes it's to pay for a "violation" like returning from vacation, making a major purchase, adding a member to the family, major lifestyle change, apologizing for doing something not very smart. Sometimes it's leftovers from a personal event or the person stopped at the store to pick up something for breakfast or just decided they wanted to bring something in. I sometimes get the urge to bake and I know it's not a good idea to have a full batch of anything around my house, lest I eat it all myself, so I bring it in to work.
We even have a Home Simpson figure with a magnet on the bottom that we stick on top of the cube wall when there is food. Everyone knows to check for Homer if they are hungry.


At the moment I have a licorice bucket at our front desk. In the back there are usually treats people have made throughout the week. I work with a lot of people who enjoy baking.


No candy bucket, but we have a cookie tin with store brand cookies for anyone who wants to partake. I do, however, keep a few fun-size bars in my desk drawer for emergencies.


There is an occasional candy bucket where I work (big box retail). Usually three or four times a month a bowl of candy appears at the counter by where the timeclock and employee lockers are located. Sometimes it is for "team building", and sometimes it is bags that were cut when people were stocking shelves. You can almost always score some sugar from October 1st to December 26th. You just can't be too picky.