questionsi'm looking for a high-performance pc desktop…


All the black friday stuff I've seen has been junkers good for web browsing at that's it.

You may want to keep an eye on Alienware over the next few days.


@davidgreen7373: Thanks! Will do.

Newegg has some pretty great PCs, but I doubt any of them are going to get a discount, unfortunately.


While it's hard to compete with building your own on the low-end market... once you're getting into gaming rigs, and similar, you'll almost always do better building your own.

Using all newegg purchases - i built a 965 quad core based rig, meeting or exceeding all your specs, with quality stuff aimed at overclocking, (good PS, good mobo) etc, for around 650. That was a couple of months ago even, so prices are even better now.. a 965 based system with ddr3 mobo, 8gb, and 4870 vidcard can be done for around 500 now.


Skip HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer model e9150t, e9180f, e9180t, m9600t, m9650f, e9280f, e9280t or e9290f if you come across one.

I'm a sitting duck with one -- although it's an awesome pc, specs and all (i7 920, 6GB Ram, etc... for $600 at last year's black Friday)...The motherboard is trash and you might as well buy a new one to put the components into. If you see some of these floating around during the sale, don't bother.