questionsdid someone wake up on the wrong side of the…


It's raining and the rioters needed something to do


i was going to ask if this was around morning time but you posted this question in the afternoon time. did they all look like spammy deals?


@klozitshoper: exactly - personally, it's not the votes but the sharing of a good deal that floats my boat, but i can't imagine what kind of d* bag just is so negative - ah well can't slap 'em all!


It's hot out and they're grumpy.


I just posted a deal that is a sign that is a moving beach scene with sounds marked down about $20. No comments made, just two down votes. Had the individuals looked, there are also other neat things there. I really don't care, but it is a good site, and it is a deal. So, obviously the downvoters for whatever reason are out and about again this afternoon!


DOH! Even my stupid comment got a downvote. And here I was trying to be nice. Little pissant.


why you mad bro? u mad? straight up trollin....


LMBO u-mad.....haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa


@lavikinga: awww shanks! i was just scrolling down the deals and almost EVERY one of them had a -1 and some WERE really good deals - i guess people think because they don't need/want one, then it's not worthy - seems like that would be a good time to hold the finger ;9)


No, alot of these "deals" are crap.


Well. That's just not right. I'm voting this question UP! It's nice to be nice to the nice.