questionsdoes anyone else watch big brother?


Zomg, can you believe that Ian kid. In yo face Mike Boogie!

I <3 Zingbot....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!


I tried watching it but my brain ended up draining from my earholes so I had to stop.


Yes, I watch it. And, I knew from week one they made a mistake of not getting Frank out. I never understand why people don't get out the people who are the greatest competition as soon as they have a chance!


Nope, I've never been able to get in to it, but a lady where I work just loves it, so she keeps me up to date on it each week so don't have to watch it :)


No , but I believe last year's winner came from a small town 25 miles from here called Huntington, AR. That's all I know about the show.


I've been watching it for several years now and it's quite addictive! I'm rooting for Shane or Britney to win this season. I even check out this site: to catch up on the latest info and obtain "spoilers". I agree, it's a good show so far this year.