questionswhats the best all around site for firearm…


I like Impact guns. We have a local store here in Boise, and they stand by their products. Also, the staff is very helpful.

Not to mention they have damn near EVERYTHING.


I just finished checking out at a few minutes ago. They have some pretty good sales right now. This is my first time using them, but I have heard good things.

I have also heard good things about but their site does not seem well organized or laid out. They are probably a good company, though.


I've found the best deals on . Between me and a few friends, we have purchased quite a bit from them. Their shipping is decently quick, and it's the same item that you might by elsewhere for significantly more.


I've ordered from both Cheaper than dirt and Midway, haven't had any experience with impact. CTD I have to say customer service is great and prices are decent, I agree though that the site itself could use some work, I don't like navigating there at all.


Never seen Impact before...I like what I see so far. If nobody helped you in your quest here @cb0418d you can at least know that your post helped someone! +1