questionshas anyone else noticed their local goodwill is…


What's "the Macklemore song"?



Yeah, and Maroon 5's Payphone caused a sudden influx of payphones.


Mine's been busier since the recession hit. I used to find bargains all the time, but over the last five years I've seen a noticeable increase to GW's pricing and a lot more shopping going on. My main local one is so busy that they acquired another 5,000 square feet and expanded.


I wouldn't know, only poor people go there. I'm rich, beeotch! Honk honk.

Edit: congrats on losing the weight!


@joshobra: Definitely cool sound, and I'll track down more from them.

I apparently overdosed on pork chops tonight, though, because the first thing that came to mind when they started singing was this: .


My Goodwill has always been relatively busy. Their prices have pretty much been the same, with maybe a bit of an increase over the years, but nothing horrible. I don't usually buy the used clothes, but I do go hunting for vintage toys and stuff. It's that horrible Flea Market vendor syndrome. You always need more vintage junk to sell, lol!


@magic cave: Funny that, this just showed up on my pandora station yesterday, I found it very moving.

Edit: cant get the link to work, look for mackelmore my oh my official video


The GW down the street moved to a brand new building about a year ago and it's been busy ever since. Every time I go by the parking lot it's packed with cars! I haven't been in there, I hate crowds, especially deal-hungry crowds!


I haven't noticed any of the 5 local ones being significantly busier in recent times. As usual, it's been a hit-and-miss when it comes to finding stuff. Mostly miss, but it's the occasional hits that keeps me returning.

My most recent find included cookies, coffee, cheese, tofu, and a hamster,(do not eat!). I don't buy up every one I run across, though; sometimes they're not even worth it at thrift store prices, AA or not.


Take a look at the demographic at your thrift store, not exactly Macklemore's base audience.

Has shoplifting gone up because he mentions "pop some tags"?