questionssimple desk for student: recommendations?


Have you considered getting an inexpensive drafting table? I lot of my friends used them as desks in college.

I found one that is designed to fold up, which should make moving a breeze:\

It's $109, which is within the price specs, though shipping will be a bear. You might want to do pickup: Blick has stores in 16 states, and there are plenty of other companies that carry this product. Blick just happens to be a company I've ordered from in the past (with quite satisfactory results).


Try Ikea - they have a number of simple desks. Some are particle board, yeah - they also have "systems" where you can mix and match legs to tops to get what you're looking for. Not all of the tops are particle board.

I poked around for a couple and it seems like you could do what you're looking for in your price range. It would depend on your aesthetic desires.


I got this:
Out of your price range but we have 2 people using it (essentially 2 work stations) and it is big enough and sturdy enough to accommodate a wide range of use. Very easy to customize (we just crammed a lot of those plastic bins and tiny shelves beneath it).

For what it's worth, it's been transported across the country and moved around to a couple places and still works well.


When I was in college, I bought a 6' piece of Formica counter top from Lowes and put it on top of 2 cheap filing cabinets. It ended up a little low to the ground, so I stuck a couple cinder blocks under each filing cabinet to lift it up. It wasn't pretty, but it was a huge workspace with a ton of storage and it was CHEAP.


Thanks everyone.

I went with the ultimate deal... a desk from salvation army.

Found a good looking large no frills desk (no hutch) make of SOLID wood for $75. When I got up there to pay for it it was 1/2 off green tags day... it had a green tag. Now that is a deal.


I just happened to post a popular item here that might interest you, particularly as it's model many parents have bought for their kids from our store

or direct link