questionsso i just heard about woot boc and that is…


Here's the thing, A BOC is a great an awesome thing that put Woot! on the map. But after multiple server crashes and many upset and unhappy Wooters, the Box of Crayons has kind of trailed off into the distance. Now quite recently in like August or October they gave some away by way of a Treasure Hunt, but many people still got upset over that. So they sometimes give crap away on Facebook now,but Big Oggling Carrots don't show up much anymore. We await the day that they pop up again, but you have to be fast. So stay on woot and await the day with us believers. Us people who still love Woot! amongst the changes and other things. Maybe buy another thing or two. Truth is: We don't know when the Bandolier will show again, but hopefully in a Wootoff this year...Good luck to you.


For a few dollers it just exciting to get some funny stuff. You can't think you are going to get a tv. People that put that on the web has kind of taken the fun out of it. It's what they call it bag of crap! So woot I ask you, Will you crap on me? We all can use a joke in are life right about now!


people need to relax. do what you do and be unhappy


wow this post has put people on edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone else wants to lower my rank ???