questionswhy is banned?


(Time to raise the @jumbowoot signal for any clarifications from deals staff.)


@tbgolladay: Oh, didn't realize that mystery boxes were now banned. I remember a bunch from years past and thought they were ok. I'll make the mental note.

New question: in reviewing the document you provided, it mentioned that Humble Bundle is blocked. However, I only learned about the Humble Bundle from Deals.Woot! So is it banned, and if so, may I ask why? I could have sworn that I saw Humble Bundle on DW.

Thanks for any answers that can be provided, and no problem for those that cannot. :)


I'm currently reading the other answers to questions on Humble Bundle, and according to JW, "They don't really fit our general theme of "product for a price"." It seems like that explanation isn't enough for most people, but JW's word is law, so that's good enough for me!

Therefore, I'll officially withdraw my question on the Humble Bundle before I incite another riot.


So...we took another look at them today and we still feel that this site is not suitable for this community.

If you know the owner, you are free to inform them of our contact information.

All told.


Thanks for the information! I am in no way affiliated with the site, I just saw the deal and thought I'd share. I wasn't lobbying for a re-review but it's nice that you did so.

Happy Wooting everyone!