questionswhat resources do you use to listen to music…


Pandora is about all I use, although I've heard good things about


I was just going to mention Slacker, beat me to it! I still listen to Shoutcast once in awhile. I also use TuneIn to quickly link to local radio stations that simulcast over the internet.


I really like They have some really unique music and good quality steams.


Spotify & Pandora.
Pandora has opened the door to new artists and songs, it'll always be #1. I didn't want to like Spotify when it came out (charged for PREMIUM), but I haven't bought a CD or MP3 in almost 2 years. Any song I want I throw it on a playlist and can access it from any device. It's too easy.

Slacker is nice too. I use that in my car.


I've been using Spotify and lately. I'll also use Pandora from my Blu-Ray player when I want it to play from my stereo... but mainly the other two from the computers.


I use iheartradio. you can listen to local radio stations, stations from back home, etc


I listen to and AOL radio but I'm mostly in AOL radio.


Google Music to stream my entire collection to anywhere on any device that's online.

Spotify when I know just what i want fo listen to.

Slacker or Pandora to find new music. (Slacker allows you to more tightly define a custom station.) to find LOTS of new artists and check out different genres. I haven't DJ'd all weekend so I can wait to pass 1000 points in the "Music Monday @" room on Monday. If you're not familiar with, check out their FAQ. It's a very cool, very unique service. And it's free.

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spotify a little bit, less and less though. a little, iheartradio, and download podcasts of my favorite talk radio.
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I listen to Pandora and Slacker, but mostly Slacker. The music on Pandora tends to repeat more, and Slacker seems to just have a knack for knowing what I like.


I use grooveshark, i got the holiday $5 a month subscription(now $10) so i can listen all the time offline with my android


I used to always listen to music on, and using [edit: keep it legal] whenever I can't find any streams of a particular artist. Now I'm almost 100% on Spotify.


yah ..I really like really greate.pandor also the best.visit for best soundbars click