questionswho has the best deals on carpet, pad, and…


That's a reasonably small piece of carpet since that's all you need. Have you checked a remnant store? You might be able to find a great deal if you have one nearby. As far as installation, it doesn't cost a whole lot (since you only have that much)


Well if you don't mind installing it yourself, perhaps you could investigate FLOR -


Don't use the big-box store intallation service. They are the worst. All of their work is subcontracted out and you never know who will arrive at your house.
Find a local carpet installer. Then if there is a problem you have a direct contact.
Especially since your carpet order is so small. Paying a flat rate for installation doesn't justify the surcharge they are tacking onto the price of the carpet and pad to cover their installation costs.


I know you can find carpet at liquidation stores occasionally. I have been shopping furniture liquidation stores lately so that's what made me think of this. ( Best of luck!


The cheapest carpet on the internet I have found is on They have the biggest selection and best prices out of all of the companies I could find. If you're looking for wholesale prices than go check them out.